Horse Armor [Minecraft 1.16.1] 1.1

Crafting Recipes for Horse Armor and the Saddle

  1. Bartoneye
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    • 1.16
    My First Upload

    This is the first plugin I've put together for any game on any platform. Built more as a proof of concept and to fill a niche on a server I'm renting for just my friends and I.
    What It Is

    This is a simple plugin which adds the ability to craft the Iron Horse Armor, Golden Horse Armor, Diamond Horse Armor, and Saddle to your Spigot Minecraft 1.16.1 Server.

    Because Spigot is backwards compatible, it should be compatible with previous versions since it uses Vanilla materials but I won't guarantee it since I didn't go back and test. You're welcome to do so, for yourself.
    The Recipes


    Saddle Recipe.jpg

    Iron Horse Armor

    Iron Horse Armor Recipe.jpg

    Golden Horse Armor

    Golden Horse Armor Recipe.jpg

    Diamond Horse Armor

    Diamond Horse Armor Recipe.jpg
    Why These Recipes?

    We play a generally friendly playstyle with no reason to make these things incredibly expensive. In my opinion: The simpler the better. If you don't agree with the recipes I decided upon, feel free to not use this Plugin. I want to reiterate that I originally made it for personal use.

    If you do end up using the plugin, please leave a comment and a rate; let me know how you would have done the recipes differently. I didn't include a recipe for Leather Horse Armor since it is already included in Vanilla Minecraft*.
    *Leather horse armor was added in version 1.14, so if you are playing on a server that predates 1.14 you will not be able to use my recipes, with the exception of the saddle.

    **If there is enough demand for a pre-1.14 leather horse armor recipe, I will gladly implement one and call it my second plugin.

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