Horse Spawn - Vers. English v.1.4 - Renovated!

Funny plugin for you server / network consisting spawnear a horse to run a command

  1. LuisGerdez
    It is a fun plugin perfect for servers / networks with lobbyists / hub big. It is also a very good benefits for donors users !.
    The consistes plugin that the player executing the "/horse give" command (only works if you have permission) you otorge a block of hay, with which to make right click we will spawn one taming horse in which we can assemble. Leaving the horse will automatically die if to drop any item.

    /horse ? - Main Command plugin that displays information such as the list command, version, and author. Aliase: /h ?
    /horse horse - ( - Command to get the item to spawn a normal horse!.
    /horse donkey - (horse.donkey) - Command to get the item to spawn a donkey!.
    /horse mule - (horse.mule) - Command to get the item to spawn a mule!
    /horse skeleton - (horse.skeleton) - Command to get the item to spawn a skeleton horse!
    /horse zombie - (horse.zombie) - Command to get the item to spawn a zombie horse!
    This plugin required to run the Skript and WildSkript plugin, you can download it from:

    Installing this plugin is very simple, just follow these steps correctly:

    1. Download dependency Skript.jar-WildSkript.jar.
    2.- Stop the server and paste the dependencies in the plugin folder of your server.
    3.- Log server, and when you load everything right again to stop the server.
    4.- Paste the downloaded file Horse Spawn - EN.jar in plugins folder.
    5.- Start the server.
    6. You enjoy the plugin!

    Green = Completed
    Red = Coming soon
    • Add permission.
    • Add more types of horses.
    • Add command to admin - /horse give <player>
    • Add particles when riding /jumping/down.


    1. horse spawn.png
    2. horse spawn.png

Recent Reviews

  1. tuminh6396
    Version: v.1.4 - Renovated!
    Plugin great , but you can update it to 1.8 and 19

    I would appreciate your plugin in the regime 's war of my server