HorseEdit 0.1

A creative Editor for your own horse.

  1. Snowleo
    -----HorseEdit -----
    HorseEdit is a simple editor to create a horse like you want. You can change anything you want from the age to the jump height. Set custom names and change the skin color.


    If you ever wanted a skeleton horse you can make your dreams now become real.


    It's also possible to set the jump height, but be careful....


    Commands and Permissions:

    • /he help -
    • /he heal - horseedit.cmd.heal
    • /he teleport - horseedit.cmd.teleport
    • /he removename - reset the custom name of your horse - horseedit.cmd.removename
    • /he resetjumpheight - reset the jump height to the default - horseedit.cmd.resetjumpheight
    • /he info - shows you some information about your horse -
    • /he own - own the horse, which you have selected - horseedit.cmd.own
    • /he copy - horseedit.cmd.copy - coming soon
    • /he change - change some values of your horse like the jump height or the maximum of his health - horseedit.cmd.change
    • /he setname <name> - horseedit.cmd.setname
    • /he list <style|color|type> - list all possible styles, colors and types- horseedit.cmd.list
    • /he setstyle <style> - horseedit.cmd.setstyle
    • /he setcolor <color> - horseedit.cmd.setcolor
    • /he settype <type> - horseedit.cmd.settype
    • /he spawn - spawn your saved horse - horse edit.cmd.spawn
    • /he despawn - remove and save your selected horse - horseedit.cmd.despawn

    The permission to select a horse by clicking:

    Your personal horse will be saved if you leave the server or if you despawn your horse.
    For every player will be created a own file in the plugin folder.

    I hope you will have fun.
    Enjoy it.


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