HorseEnhancer [MC 1.12+] 1.0.1

Horse genders, better breeding, inspect stats, lineage tracking, and powerful commands!

  1. Nevakanezah
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Legacy (< 1.13)
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:

    Horse genders, better breeding, inspect stats, lineage tracking, and powerful commands!
    All-natural horse enhancement!
    HorseEnhancer is a light plugin that aims to improve horse breeding with balance tweaks and added functionality. These features also apply to every horse-type entity, including mules, donkeys, llamas, and the undead horses!

    To use the plugin, horses must first be "registered", which occurs when a horse is tamed, inspected, or spawned as tame via commands.

    So if you're tired of your prized horses producing mediocre offspring, or long for increased complexity in your quest for the perfect steed, then HorseEnhancer may be the answer you've been looking for!​

    • Genders are species-appropriate and prevent non-viable pairs from mating!
      • The male:female ratio is configurable, allowing a certain degree of economy in breeding desirable studs!
    • Right-click with a pair of shears to geld male horses you've tamed, and retain control over your prize bloodline!
    Better Breeding!
    • Foals inherit their attributes using a more predictable system with configurable randomness!
      • Each attribute selects a value in between their parents, then this value is further skewed up or down by an amount you control!
    • Breeding two horses that are directly related is inadvisable!
    • Foals keep track of their parents, with expanded lineage tracking planned for future releases!
    • Secret horses rumored to have forbidden supernatural qualities!
    Expanded Functionality!
    • Players can inspect horses to view a horse's owner, parents, and exact attributes by left-clicking with a clock!
      • Restrict info players can see to parent & owner info only, if attributes should be a mystery!
      • Restrict who can inspect a horse, whether it be anyone, owners only, or only server ops!
    • All registered horses have a unique "HorseID", a unique human-readable name prefixed with a hashtag that can be used in commands, or for players who don't like to name every horse they own!
    Powerful Commands!
    • Handy commands available to opped players!
      • List all registered horses, showing horseID, name, and owner
      • View Inspector data for any registered horse, searching by name or horseid
      • Teleport to any registered horse
      • Teleport any registered horse to you
      • Spawn a new horse with user-defined custom data & attributes
      • Change the custom data & attributes of any existing horse
      • Change plugin settings live in-game without needing to reload
      • List currently active plugin settings
      • Use /horseenhancer (/he) help for more information!
    Getting Started
    1. Download the HorseEnhancer .jar
    2. Copy the .jar file into your server's /plugins directory
    3. Start your server to generate the config file
    4. Configure settings to your liking
    5. Restart the server for your changes to take effect
    6. If installing HorseEnhancer on an existing world, tamed horses will need to be registered by slapping them with a clock.
    Feature Requests and Bug Reports
    Please submit all bug reports and other requests via
    Please do not submit these reports via the reviews, as I do not check them frequently.

Recent Updates

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  1. Siah2x
    Version: 1.0.1
    Haven't run into any issues yet and played around with it on my private server. Can already tell this is going to be a blast to use in my DND MC Campaigns.