HorseOverhaul 1.2

Adds Horse genders, hydration, mating, training, advanced riding and much more!

  1. SarahCoco

    This is a plugin which drastically changes the mechanics of horses in minecraft. It has four major aspects.

    === #1: Horse Genders ===
    Horses are born as either stallions or mares. This changes how they act. Mares and stallions left together will make children of their colors and breeds. You can also turn stallions into geldings using the /gelding tool. You can check the gender of a horse using the /checker tool.

    === #2: Horse Training ===
    Horses aren't immediately well behaved after the thirty seconds of taming. As you continue riding them, they become better behaved and will speed up as a result. New horses will buck often, whereas old horses will do this less often. Stallions will buck more often than mares or geldings.

    === #3: Advanced Riding ===
    You can use the fishing rod in-game as as riding crop to speed up your horse and beat other riders in races.

    === #4: Hydration ===
    Horses won't gallop as fast if they're not hydrated and advanced riding techniques will have less effect as their hydration level lowers. You can get your horses hydrated again by putting them near a water source so they can drink.

    == Technical notes ==
    To disable auto update checking, please edit the Config.json file found in the HorseOverhaul directory. You need to change the update-check boolean to false.
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Recent Reviews

  1. CalamityGreen
    Version: 1.2
    Well, incredibly amazing plugin! Especial for RP servers :3 This plugin make horsemans are usefull job.
  2. TigerX
    Version: 1.2
    Very good plugin for RPG servers!