HorseOverhaul 1.2

Adds Horse genders, hydration, mating, training, advanced riding and much more!

  1. HorseOverhaul 1.2 - improved file saving, vision checking, mating checking and more

    HorseOverhaul 1.2 has been released with a number of new features:
    • Better file saving
    • Better checking of whether horses can see each other
    • Better checking of whether horses can mate
    • Json handling bug fixed
    • Json format bug fixed
    • Better distance calculations
    • Better error handling
  2. Bug fixed version released

    This is the official version of HorseOverhaul with all the bug fixes implemented and a guarantee for a stable release.
  3. File loading bug fixed

    There was a minor bug with loading settings files. It didn't have a large effect, but it has now been fixed anyway.
  4. Possible plugin.yml fix

    One or more releases may have not been packaged with the plugin.yml file, so here it is incase people were having trouble.
  5. Classes cleaned

    The exporting of this plugin wasn't done properly so here is a better version.