Horses/HorseSpawn 1.2

A new way of spawning in horses with speed and jump(including zombie and skeleton)

  1. Scorpion
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    md_5(on how to get the speed)
    Horses...What is it.

    Horses is a simple plugins that allows ops and anyone with the permission to spawn a desired horse of their choosing with an optional style.

    For example:

    /hs spawn horse gray white_dots 4 10

    This would spawn a gray horse with white dots where its jump height would be 4 and the speed is 10.

    /hs spawn zombie 5 3

    This would spawn a zombie horse with jump 5 speed 3.

    Same goes for skeleton horses, just replace zombie with skeleton.

    This plugin does not alter the max allowed jump height which is 15.
    You can set it to 100+ if you want but a horse wont go that high.
    This plugin also does not alter horses that spawn naturally, via eggs or other commands.

    Breeding with these horses is able and if you combine 2 horses with jump 15 a new horse bred from these will also be 15.

    Horses are auto tamed to the person spawning the horse.

    Adviced is not to set speed toooo high as its possible for the horse to run on its own at said speed.

    Default: op

    - horsespawn.zombie
    - horsespawn.skeleton

    For suggestions leave me a pm.
    Do not use the review section for bugs! You wont be able to reply incase the bug report is unclear.

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Recent Reviews

  1. toneelspeler
    Version: 1.2
    /hs spawn horse brown none 1 1

    and it goes speed 100