Horses/HorseSpawn 1.2

A new way of spawning in horses with speed and jump(including zombie and skeleton)

  1. Known bug

    There is a current bug where horses that spawn with certain speed to end up being extremely fast in moving, and thus can keep moving never ever stopping.(When no one is on them)
    This ofcourse is not good in any way.

    This update adds a killall and kill command

    horse killall will allow all horses that are spawned via this plugin to be removed without dropping its items so they disappear, their health isn't set to 0.

    horse kill will eliminate the horse you are riding at that moment.
  2. permission msg

    + Added the missiing "nopermission"
    + Added a space between prefix and return msg.

    If you don't wanna reinstal the config just add the following:

    nopermission: '&4You have no permission to use this!'