Like your horse? Now you won't teleport without it. [NOT JUST HORSES!]

  1. TheMrJezza
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    Source Code:
    Version 1.13+

    May 5th, 2019.

    Which Version Should I Use?
    Use the latest Version.
    1.12 and Older: Use the Beta v3.0.2 for now Until I release a newer compatible version.

    Normally if you're sitting in a Vehicle, perhaps a Horse, or maybe a Boat, and you decide teleport anywhere, you get teleported and your vehicle gets left behind... It seems a little dumb, doesn't it? Well, guess what, now you can teleport your vehicle with you. Hooray!!

    So what is it this plugin actually does?
    In a nutshell, whenever you teleport somewhere while in a vehicle, your vehicle will go with you. Whether it's a Llama or an Arrow, it really doesn't matter. What's better is that any passengers in your vehicle will also teleport with you.

    Installation & Setup:

    I Recommend that you install ProtocolLib if you're using the plugin on 1.13. You don't need it, but you will have a much better time glitch wise...

    Step 1: Simply put the HorseTpWithMe.jar into you servers' plugins folder, then restart your server.
    If all you want is a simple 'plug-and-play' setup, then that's it. The plugin is installed and setup.

    Step 2 (Permissions): By default, every player has access to horsetpwithme.teleport.* meaning they can teleport any Entity they can ride without restriction. If you want to choose what vehicles a player can teleport, you'll first need to revoke this permission and then add all of the specific entity permissions you want.

    For a full list of entity teleport permissions, look inside the 'permissions.txt' file located at:

    This File is generated every time you start your server after installing the plugin.

    As stated in step 2 of installation, every player has access to horsetpwithme.teleport.* by default. Unless you want a player to be able to teleport any Vehicle, you should revoke this permission from the player.
    • horsetpwithme.* - Allows a player to teleport any entity, and use any command (commands coming soon!)
    • horsetpwithme.teleport.* - Allows a player to teleport any entity.
    • horsetpwithme.teleport.<entity_type> - Allows a player to teleport entities of the specified type!
    • horsetpwithme.requiresaddle - Pigs and Horses need saddles to teleport!
    • horsetpwithme.requiretamed - Any Tameable Entity must be tamed to teleport.
    • horsetpwithme.denycrossworld - Players cannot teleport Vehicles out of the world they're in.
    • horsetpwithme.emptychestsfrom.<world_name> - Donkeys, Llamas, and Mules will have their chests emptied when they teleport out of the specified world.
    • horsetpwithme.emptycheststo.<world_name> - Donkeys, Llamas, and Mules will have their chests emptied when they teleport into the specified world.
    • horsetpwithme.disabledworld.<world_name> - Vehicles cannot teleport into the specified world.
    Inside the HorseTpWithMe Plugin folder is a file named 'permissions.txt' which contains all of the teleport and world-specific permissions not mentioned here.

    TO-DO List:
    • Add Support for Llama Caravans.
    • Bring Back Economy Support.
    • Create a Wiki on GitHub.
    • Update the GitHub Repo.
    • Make some Videos. (Or wait for someone else to do it..:))
    • Strip the plugin of all it features and support, in favour of a new Premium Version:unsure:... Nah.. Looking at you Kangakoo..
    • Get bStats working...
    • Create a better Logo. (Or accept community submissions... Yeah, I'm Laz.. Busy)
    • Update this Overview Page.
    • Update the BukkitDev Page.
    • Update my other plugins...
    • Bring Back AreaBlock I guess...

    The Review Section Below...

    There seem to be a lot of developers around that only care about the number of downloads they get, or if it's not 5 Stars, it's unacceptable... Heck, some people straight up make plugins to solve issues that don't actually exist, then sell said plugins just because... Greed? (The person I'm thinking of also continued to sell places in a course they created about creating/marketing/selling plugins on Spigot... And guess what, it doesn't end there..).

    Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I'm not that type of person. I actually encourage criticism. So if you don't like the plugin, by all means, rate it like you mean it and let me know why. Unless it's a bug or an issue, in that case, you're better off using the Discussion Tab.

    The same goes for if you do like the plugin. I might not always reply to a review, but I really do read each and every one. And although I very obviously don't have as much time for my plugins like I used to back between 2015 - 2017, I like to think that the reviews do positively impact the plugin going forward.

    That's all for now. Thank you, everyone.

Recent Reviews

  1. kixmc
    Works fantastic! 1.15 works as well, no issues.........................................
  2. SirLemonade
    Would love to have this plugin updated to 1.15 too. My players love it and are asking where it is now that we miss it.
    1. TheMrJezza
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I really want a 1.15 update as much as everyone else, but as I said below, I can only work on 1 project at a time, and I pledged an update to another resource before HorseTpWithMe. It will be next though
  3. FarisJaclyn
    We love this plugin and it's essential for our horse themed server! We would love an update to this plugin for 1.15. :)
    1. TheMrJezza
      Author's Response
      Its coming, I promise. I can only work on 1 project at a time, however. I'll bump up the priority on this though. Message received loud and clear.
  4. wolfling_
    Works perfectly! I'd love if there was an option to log out and in with your horse though! :)
    1. TheMrJezza
      Author's Response
      I believe that already happens in vanilla. If you leave the server whilst in a vehicle, that vehicle leaves with you. I might be wrong on that though.
  5. Hyptex
    Works perfectly, makes horeses useful in a plugin based survival server. On 1.14.3 Paper without ProtocolLib
  6. Achaius
    Fantastic! Love this plugin!
  7. iCaitlyn
    Works as described, this definitely resolves the issue of your horse being abandoned when utilising a wilderness teleport or warps.
  8. PieCreeper12
    This plugin is very useful for when playing survival and you want to bring a horse that is far away to your home.
  9. WeaselBeans
    This plugin adds a very useful and intuitive feature for players, and I have not had any issues with this plugin since installing it.
  10. NightGamingTV
    Will be nice when you add a config to disable all tps or enable there tps that are will nice :3

    Mit anderen Worten bitte adde eine Config wo man ausschalten kann das Minecarts monster und boote mit teleportiert werden als OP Person ist es echt anstrengend das alles mit tpet wird :D
    1. TheMrJezza
      Author's Response
      You dont need a config. Each entity has its own permission, and by default everyone has the master permission to access all of them. Just revoke access to horsetpwithme.teleport.* and you'll be all good.