Like your horse? Now you won't teleport without it. [NOT JUST HORSES!]

  1. TheMrJezza
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Source Code:
    Version 1.15+

    July 8th, 2020.

    Normally if you're sitting in a Vehicle, perhaps a Horse, or maybe a Boat, and you decide teleport anywhere, you get teleported and your vehicle gets left behind... It seems a little dumb, doesn't it? Well, guess what, now you can teleport your vehicle with you. Hooray!!

    So what is it this plugin actually does?
    In a nutshell, whenever you teleport somewhere while in a vehicle, your vehicle will go with you. Whether it's a Llama or an Arrow, it really doesn't matter. What's better is that any passengers in your vehicle will also teleport with you.

    Installation & Setup:

    Step 1: Simply put the HorseTpWithMe-XXXX.jar into you servers' plugins folder, then restart your server.
    If all you want is a simple 'plug-and-play' setup, then that's it. The plugin is installed and setup.

    Step 2 (Permissions): By default, every player has access to horsetpwithme.teleport.* meaning they can teleport any Entity they can ride without restriction. If you want to choose what vehicles a player can teleport, you'll first need to revoke this permission and then add all of the specific entity permissions you want.

    For a full list of entity teleport permissions, look inside the 'permissions.txt' file located at:

    This File is generated every time you start your server after installing the plugin.

    As stated in step 2 of installation, every player has access to horsetpwithme.teleport.* by default. Unless you want a player to be able to teleport any Vehicle, you should revoke this permission from the player.
    • horsetpwithme.* - Allows a player to teleport any entity, and use any command, and view any message.
    • horsetpwithme.teleport.* - Allows a player to teleport any entity.
    • horsetpwithme.teleport.<entity_type> - Allows a player to teleport entities of the specified type!
    • horsetpwithme.require_saddle - Any Saddleable Entity (Pigs, horses etc.) must have a saddle to teleport.
    • horsetpwithme.require_tamed - Any Tameable Entity must be tamed to teleport.
    • horsetpwithme.deny_cross_world - Players cannot teleport Vehicles out of the world they're in.
    • horsetpwithme.empty_chests_from.<world_name> - Donkeys, Llamas, and Mules will have their chests emptied when they teleport out of the specified world.
    • horsetpwithme.empty_chests_to.<world_name> - Donkeys, Llamas, and Mules will have their chests emptied when they teleport into the specified world.
    • horsetpwithme.disabled_world.<world_name> - Vehicles cannot teleport into the specified world.
    • horsetpwithme.require_adult - Players cannot teleport baby animals.
    • horsetpwithme.deny_passenger_teleport - Players cannot be teleported as a passenger. For example, if Player1 teleports a boat, and Player2 is also in the boat, Player2 won't teleport if they have this permission.
    • horsetpwithme.messages.* - Allows a player to view all plugin messages.
    • horsetpwithme.messages.<message_name> - Allows players to view the specified message.
    Inside the HorseTpWithMe Plugin folder is a file named 'Permissions.txt' which contains all of the permissions not mentioned here.


    Inside of the language.yml file, you will see various messages. They're self explanatory, and you can change them however you see fit. But they are disabled by default, meaning no one will see them.

    To enable a specific Message for a player, use the horsetpwithme.messages.<message_name> permission. The Message Name is a lowercased version of how it's written in the Language.yml. More info can be found in the Permissions.txt file.

    You can reload the Language.yml file to apply any changed while the server is running via the /horsetpwithme reload command.


    At the moment, there are 2 commands. They are:
    • /HorseTpWithMe <reload / getperm>
    • /TeleportAsPassenger
    The /HorseTpWithMe ( or /htwm ) command is the main admin command for the plugin. It doesn't do alot right now, but in the future, it may be more useful. The command has 2 sub-commands.
    • reload - Reload the Language.yml file.
    • getperm - Get the teleport permission for the vehicle you are currently riding.
    The /TeleportAsPlayer ( or /taptoggle ) command is used by players to toggle their T.A.P. status. By default, players will teleport with other players if they are in the same vehicle (boat for example) at the same time. If a passenger player does not want to teleport with the driver player, they can use this command to toggle off their T.A.P. status.

    This command cannot override the horsetpwitme.deny_passenger_teleport permission, meaning that no matter a players Status, if they have said permission, they will never teleport as a passenger.

    TO-DO List:
    • Add Support for Llama Caravans.
    • Bring Back Economy Support.
    • Create a Wiki on GitHub.
    • Update the GitHub Repo.
    • Make some Videos. (Or wait for someone else to do it..:))
    • Strip the plugin of all it features and support, in favour of a new Premium Version:unsure:... Nah.. Looking at you Kangakoo..
    • Get bStats working...
    • Create a better Logo. (Or accept community submissions... Yeah, I'm Laz.. Busy)
    • Update this Overview Page.
    • Update the BukkitDev Page.
    • Update my other plugins...
    • Bring Back AreaBlock I guess...

    The Review Section Below...

    There seem to be a lot of developers around that only care about the number of downloads they get, or if it's not 5 Stars, it's unacceptable... Heck, some people straight up make plugins to solve issues that don't actually exist, then sell said plugins just because... Greed? (The person I'm thinking of also continued to sell places in a course they created about creating/marketing/selling plugins on Spigot... And guess what, it doesn't end there..).

    Anyway, all I wanted to say is that I'm not that type of person. I actually encourage criticism. So if you don't like the plugin, by all means, rate it like you mean it and let me know why. Unless it's a bug or an issue, in that case, you're better off using the Discussion Tab.

    The same goes for if you do like the plugin. I might not always reply to a review, but I really do read each and every one. And although I very obviously don't have as much time for my plugins like I used to back between 2015 - 2017, I like to think that the reviews do positively impact the plugin going forward.

    That's all for now. Thank you, everyone.

Recent Reviews

  1. RedDragon_
    Would be an excellent plugin for my server.
    I can't find another simple pet tp plugin like this.
    Unfortunately doesn't work on my 1.17.1 and the horse is frozen after teleporting.
    1. TheMrJezza
      Author's Response
      Yep, I haven't officially released a 1.17 compatible version as of yet. Teleporting with your vehicle goes against what the MC client is designed for, each release is a "best effort" basis. Please use the discussion tab if you would like to provide useful details of your issue.
  2. Soracyti
    I've search so long for a horse teleporting plugin. Thanks for creating this amazing plugin!It seems fully compatible with 1.17.
    1. TheMrJezza
      Author's Response
      It's great to hear you like the plugin. Thank you for using it!
  3. JotaFaD
    HorseTpWithMe is an essential plugin to any server. It interacts perfectly with teleportation provided by different plugins. Thank you for this resource.
    1. TheMrJezza
      Author's Response
      Sorry for the late response. Thank you for the review, I'm glad you like the plugin.
  4. Raveun
    Great plugin !! but when i use too quicly shift to leave my mount when i just teleport somewhere the server recognize me as a riding player so i can't jump and build underneath and when i disconnect and reconnect i notice that actually riding mymount
    1. TheMrJezza
      Author's Response
    Works as it is supposed to be working, so, its a nice plugin. I use it on
  6. server_owner
    Amazing! Simple, and does exactly what it says. There's a reason there's literally no review that's less than 5 stars.
  7. James_Bach
    I Like your Plugin. And thanks for creating this. :) It helps alot. :)
    I have an idea to make it easy for everyone. :)
    Write it in the Discussion Tab :D
  8. Achaius
    There is good reason why this plugin
    has 12,635 downloads as of this review ;)
  9. kixmc
    Works fantastic! 1.15 works as well, no issues.........................................
  10. SirLemonade
    Would love to have this plugin updated to 1.15 too. My players love it and are asking where it is now that we miss it.
    1. TheMrJezza
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review. I really want a 1.15 update as much as everyone else, but as I said below, I can only work on 1 project at a time, and I pledged an update to another resource before HorseTpWithMe. It will be next though