Hotbar Survival 1.0

Your inventory is unusable, you must use your hotbar alone.

  1. cjburkey01
    Is normal survival not challenging enough for you, but you want a minor change that can make you think harder? Hotbar Survival is a gamemode created by Elixzar and ported to Spigot by CJ Burkey.

    The main aim is to kill the ender dragon, but, like normal Minecraft you can set your own goals.

    The permission setup is quite simple. Players with the permission "
    hb.survival.ignore" will not be affected by the gamemode, and players with the permission "hb.survival.use" can use the command /hotbarsurvival or /hbs

    The only command available is /hotbarsurvival or /hbs, they just display the version of the mod.

    In the config, you can configure the message displayed when a user tried to click on a blocked block or entity. Oh, that's another part, you can define blocks or entities that players cannot use, for example, in the original gamemode, chests and other storage devices are disabled.

    If you need any help setting up, or want to report a bug, please, don't hesitate to tell me.

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