HotTools - Heat up your Netherite Tools 1.2

Heat up your tools to use new features like instant sand smelting!

  1. Release Update

    • Tools have now a specific temperature which will decrease every time you use it for "hot-features" - Every feature (e.g. Sand to Glass) requires a certain temperature to work
    • Netherite Swords can be heated:
      • 1sec of Fire Aspect for every hit mob (can be changed in config)
    • Netherite Hoe can be heated:
      • Wet Sponge -> Sponge
    • Added more Config Settings
      • Every temperature can be changed (e.g. sand_to_glass: 1000)
      • Decreasing temperature can be edited
      • Every "Hot-Feature" can be disabled
    • Added "Simple-Mode":
      • Temperature will not decrease
      • "Hot-Features" don't require a certain temperature
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