[HowToMinecraft:S4] Unlock Ores 1.8

Allow players to unlock the ability to mine different ores!

  1. Enable/Disable unlocking/mining ores + more!

    + You can now use command /unlockoresettings to disabled/enabled players being able to mine/unlock certain ores. I believe by default they're disabled so you may need to toggle it. This overrides players that have previously unlocked it but doesn't remove their permission(s).
    + Moved from GroupManager to PEX as default config.
    + Made it easier to enable/disable borders.
    + Added 1.12 support, although it may or may not work for previous versions (not tested).
    + Updated required plugins to support 1.12.
    + Player's balance is now shown in the title of the GUI (customizable).
    + Players who try to unlock an ore they can't afford will now be shown a message in chat (customizable).

    Enjoy! :)
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