[HowToMinecraft:S4] Unlock Ores 1.8

Allow players to unlock the ability to mine different ores!

  1. Bypass perm + reload

    + Added command /unlockorereload to easily reload the config from in game. (Requires unlockore.reload).
    + Added a reload button to the settings menu (only shows if you have permission).
    + Added permission unlockore.bypass which players automatically unlock all ores and bypass disabled ores.
    + You can now easily change the lore of unlocked ores that shows in the GUI.
  2. Give perms + more

    + Fixed some typos.
    + Using /checkores <player> with the permission unlockore.admin will allow you to give or take player's permission.
    + If the player has unlocked an ore that has been disabled via /unlockoresettings they will see a different message in the unlock GUI, chat and when trying to mine an ore.
  3. Enable/Disable unlocking/mining ores + more!

    + You can now use command /unlockoresettings to disabled/enabled players being able to mine/unlock certain ores. I believe by default they're disabled so you may need to toggle it. This overrides players that have previously unlocked it but doesn't remove their permission(s).
    + Moved from GroupManager to PEX as default config.
    + Made it easier to enable/disable borders.
    + Added 1.12 support, although it may or may not work for previous versions (not tested).
    + Updated required plugins...
  4. Easier Customisation

    If you have 1.4, this update isn't necessary to download!

    + Made it easier to change messages.
    + When using /Checkores - the player you're searching skull will be shown.
    + Added aliases: /uo and /unlockores.
  5. /Checkores <player>

    - Added command /Checkores <player> which allows you to check what ores other players have unlocked. ( Only works with online players ).
    - Fixed a typo which showed gold ore when you could afford emerald ore.
  6. After Purchase Balance + Change Permissions Command

    + Players who can afford the ability will be shown their balance, and their balance after they purchase the ability.
    + You can now (easily) change the command which the console uses to add a permission to a player ( Only useful if you are not using PermissionsEX ).

  7. Added Coal + Amount needed to unlock

    + Coal to the shop.
    + Players who can not afford the ability will be shown how much they need to afford it.

  8. Border + Configurable Unlock Item

    + An option to toggle a border around the menu, and you can change the ID.
    + You can now (easily) change the items which display when the player has unlocked the ability/ore!