HPWizard Free 0.6.2 BETA

A Harry Potter role-playing spigot plugin!

  1. TheL0w3R
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8

    HPWizard is an all-in-one role-playing minecraft plugin, right now, it has spells and sorting hat! (More features will be added soon :D)

    There's actually an updated version with lot of features here.
    Yes, It's premium, I love minecraft but if I want to keep working on it I'll need the money.


    I LOVE Harry Potter, so, I designed the plugin to be as close to the Harry Potter world, the Sorting Hat and the Spells work really close to Harry Potter ones.
    • Complete Harry Potter experience!
    • Can be used for other non-harry potter servers!
    • Highly customizable!
    • Per-wand spell cooldowns!
    • Flu powder traveling system!
    • NEW: MySQL support for Wizard's data management!

    To get a list of commands and a description for them just type ("/hpw") ingame!
    NOTE: You need the hpwizard.visiblecmd permission in order to see the command list!


    • hpwizard.visiblecmd
    • hpwizard.cmd.teach
    • hpwizard.cmd.unteach
    • hpwizard.cmd.getwand
    • hpwizard.cmd.getflupowder
    • hpwizard.cmd.reload
    • hpwizard.cmd.setflulocation
    • hpwizard.cmd.removeflulocation
    • hpwizard.cmd.sethatlocation
    • hpwizard.cmd.sort
    • hpwizard.cmd.spellist
    • hpwizard.cmd.createwand
    • hpwizard.cmd.allowspellshere
    • hpwizard.cmd.denyspellshere


    In this section, I will explain the spell system.
    When a player joins the server, this plugin creates a file to hold all it's Harry Potter data (for example, spells).
    The spells can be thought by other players (Using the command teach and unteach).
    NOTE: If you would like to teach or remove all the existing spells, you can use "/hpw teach <player> *" or "/hpw unteach <player> *".
    Right Click to walk around the list of spells you have, once you have selected one, use Left Click to cast it!
    The spell cooldown can be modified in the wand files, so, you can create several wands and have multiple cooldowns for each wand!


    The wand is needed to cast spells, to create a wand simply type ("/hpw createwand <wandname> <wood type> <core type>").
    This will create a file in the plugin's folder, you can go ahead and edit it, you can modify the spells cooldowns there.
    To get the wand you've created before, simply type ("/hpw getwand <player> <wandname>"). NOTE: IF THIS DOESN'T WORK, RESTART THE SERVER.


    Every player that joins the server for the first time gets a file to host it's data, for example, the house they're sorted in. The players will get "Muggle" as the default house (which refers to non-wizards).

    If a player is sorted in "Muggle", it won't be able to cast spells (like the real HP world), so, it has to be sorted.
    The player can be sorted manually by using this command ("/hpw sort <player> <house>").
    It can be sorted automatically by walking around the Sorting Hat location. To set the Sorting Hat location simply write ("/hpw sethatlocation") and then reload the server!


    The flu system is easy to use.
    To create a Flu Fireplace just place a Emerald block below you (Obviosuly you can build the Fireplaye around the emerald).
    Then just go to the wanted location manually and write "/hpw setflu <LocationName> <Icon Block ID>"
    Then get your flu powder by typing "/hpw getflu <PlayerName> <Amount>"
    After this, when you right click the emerald below you with the flu powder, a GUI will appear and you will be able to choose the location you want to go.

    • Add more spells!
    • House points.
    • Winning house event queue (List of actions that will be executed when a house reaches the point limit ^_^)
    • More features? Just tell me :)

    This plugin is currently in BETA, report any errors or suggestions to help me making it better!
    Sorry for my bad english, i'm spanish ^^
    If you would like to support me, use this download link (adf.ly), in case you won't, the standard download is ad-free :)
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Recent Updates

  1. Commands rewritten!
  2. MySQL bugfix
  3. The MySQL update!

Recent Reviews

  1. stijnb1234
    Version: 0.6.2 BETA
    Please update to 1.12.2! It is a nice plugin, but I need 1.12.2 support!
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: net.minecraft.server.v1_12_R1.PacketPlayOutWorldParticles.<init>(java.lang.String, float, float, float, float, float, float, float, int)
    Version: 0.6.2 BETA
  3. Jadeng523
    Version: 0.6.2 BETA
    Ok so i try to teach myself an spell and it always say "there was an error teaching you that spell" plz help
  4. 50877b7e-9d6b-3
    Version: 0.6.2 BETA
    A pretty poor description, to be honest. For a spell centered plugin, wouldn't you think listing the spells would be kind of important?
  5. LogerPPlayer
    Version: 0.6.2 BETA
    Muy buena,parabenes, Intente agregar sistema de puntos en casa y una lista de acciones, muchas gracias por un gran plugin para mi RP
  6. Texgabs
    Version: 0.6.1 BETA
    Excelente como te lo he dicho nuestro servidor no tendría la magia que le pones tu con los plugins. Muchas gracias :D
    1. TheL0w3R
      Author's Response
      Muchas gracias ;')
  7. Pixlation
    Version: 0.5.1 BETA
    Nice plugin if you need a classroom manager then I can help you with that. I was about to create a harry potter plugin but you beat me to it. I like the outcome so far and if you need help I will be happy to help.

    Thx Pixl
    1. TheL0w3R
      Author's Response
      What do you mean by a classroom manager?
  8. Texgabs
    Version: 0.5 BETA
    Todo muy bien , excelente, plugin fácil de configurar, te agresco por implementar estas opciones en está versón! :D
    1. TheL0w3R
      Author's Response
      Muchas gracias :D
  9. ProWesley
    Version: 0.4 BETA
    Excuseme buddy when u think do this: ?
    Add more spells!
    House points.
    Winning house event queue (List of actions that will be executed when a house reaches the point limit ^_^)

    Principal More spells
    And maybe if u add some feature for some wands can execute some spells and other wands not your know why i mean? fo example: You have the SeverusWand this wand is vip so this is the only wand can execute de spell avada kedavra.
    Can u please add this the more fast u can xD
    Iam making a harry potter rp server and this the only i need.
    1. TheL0w3R
      Author's Response
      The wand feature you say is already working. I'm currently not developing it (I'm busy with school) But I'll start it again soon ^_^
  10. meneertimmy
    Version: 0.4 BETA
    This is a realy Nice plugin i needed it for my Server! Wands, spells, houding, floo traveling, almost everything!!!
    1. TheL0w3R
      Author's Response
      Thanks a lot!! I'm currently not coding it because of my vacations, after summer ends I'll start again coding! :D