@Hub FunGun ❤ (HiveMC Style) 1.0.2

The easy hub fungun plugin, "Version ► 1.0.2"

  1. KingKillerCZ
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    Hub FunGun

    Description »
    Hub Fungun is an easy stick toggle item plugin that can be used in many servers and its not complicated for players and owners either.

    Installation »
    1- Drag the plugin in your server plugins folder.
    2- Run your server, Notice: Its only compatible for 1.7x & 1.8x versions
    3- Enjoy the plugin :).

    Commands »
    There is no commands available yet.

    Permissions »
    There is no permissions available yet.

    Features »
    1- You can enable/disable the fungun item by using the config.
    2- You can change the fungun item slot by using the config.
    3- You can edit the cooldown of the fungun item by using the config.
    4- You can enable/disable sounds of the fungun item by using the config.

    Pictures »


    Made by » KingKillerCZ, (Ver» 1.0.2)
    If you've found a bug report the resource.
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