Hub [INACTIVE] 1.4

A light weight hub plugin that is easy to setup and fun to use!

  1. Hub 1.4 Update CONFIG

    First of i would like to say thank-you all for 60+ Downloads in under a week so that is why i wanted to bring this plugin out ASAP and in this update it is a huge one because now there is a much more advanced config.

    The config now allows you to change the player send messages. Also i have added a teleport command so you can do /teleport (player) also /tp (player) works another new feature is a 'FunGun' and that does many things but that if for you to find out! I hope you like this update!

    Thanks again for 60+ downloads in a week and look forward to the upcoming updates!

    hub.Admin.teleport -> Permission to teleport

    Teleport -> Teleport to a player
    Tp -> alias for Teleport
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