[Hub] - [RPG] PvP Toggler 1.0

Want a PvP Toggling Plugin? You got one right here!

  1. XxFroggyKnightxX
    Ever wanted a plugin that can turn on and off out going PvP? Well here it is! This is the perfect plugin for a server that has a Hub, or RPG. With this plugin you can toggle your PvP on or off, but this only toggles your pvp, as in you hitting someone, but remember this won't block anyone else's PvP towards you unless their pvp is toggled off like yours!

    Contacting Information:
    Skype: xxfroggyknightxx (Mr. xFrogx xKnightx™)
    Email: [email protected]
    Shoot me some emails, or on skype if you need any help involving this plugin, or if you need anything custom made!

    Thanks ~Frog