Hub Sword (PvP) 1.2.8

Give players a PVP sword to toggle between pvp enable/disable, good for hub servers

  1. LimeGlass
    I was surprised to find out that there weren't many Hub Sword plugins out there on spigot, that actually "Worked" So I decided to make a working Hub Sword skript that allows you to give your players a sword in the hub, which can toggle pvp on and off for a certain player
    This is a skript plugin, so you need to follow the steps below for installation
    - Skript v2+
    - SkQuery

    SOFT DEPENCENCIES (AutoUpdater & Reload)
    - WildSkript
    - SkRayFall (Particles)

    Removing SkRayFall dependency soon
    1.) Download Dependencies above and drag them into your server plugins folder
    2.) Run server
    3.) Download HubSword
    3.) Put HubSword in plugins > skript > scripts
    4.) Restart server or type /skripts reload HubSword
    5.) Done :D

    1.) Go to folder plugins > skript > scripts >
    2.) Open it in Notepad++ (only works in notepad++)
    3.) Edit the first group of lines, don't go past the warning lines, unless you know what you're doing!
    HubSword may interfere with worldguard
    At the moment this skript is NOT compatible with worldguard if you wish to use HubSword I recommend disabling worldguard pvp flag you can simply use /rg flag (flag) pvp allow
    HubSword has it's own pvp protection built in, so players can't hurt other players that arn't in pvp mode

    - Reloading the whole server breaks skript
    - AutoUpdater
    - Damage particles (Very configurable)
    - Toggle pvp On/Off
    - Ingame news to explain new updates
    - Sword enchantments
    - Color settings
    - World support
    - All messages 100% configurable
    - Countdowns (Configurable)
    - Sounds - Sound/Pitch/Volume (Configurable)
    - Items/Armor types (Configurable)
    - PVP disabled on login (Configurable)
    - Item names (Configurable)
    - Takes/Gives armor on pvp toggle
    - Can only do /hubsword commands while in pvp mode
    - Bypass permissions commands/gamemode/flying inside pvp mode
    - Anti-drop for sword (Permission)
    - Custom command for /hubsword
    - De-enchant sword on non pvp mode
    - No damage taken in non PvP mode
    - You cannot be flying to enable PVP mode
    - You cannot be in creative to enable PVP mode
    - Permission to allow players to toggle pvp
    - Custom VIP permission and command to enable and disable by command
    - Disable and enable waiting times ingame
    - Lots of configurations
    - I take all suggestions

    - Works on versions 1.6.x-1.8.x You just need correct dependences version
    - Active developer
    - Great support
    - InGame reload
    - Oh and did I mention, HubSword is FREE :D
    - And lots more features!
    /hubsword - help list
    /hubsword reload/r - reloads hubsword
    /hubsword autoupdate/a - enables/disables autoupdate
    /hubsword enchantment/e - enables/disables enchantments
    /hubsword particle/P - Enable/Disable particles
    /hubsword info/i - Shows info on HubSword

    hubsword.admin - for all hubsword commands
    hubsword.bypass.* - Bypass all restrictions to enter pvp mode

    hubsword.bypass.gamemode - Bypass creative block on pvp toggle - Bypass flying block on pvp toggle
    hubsword.bypass.command - Bypass command blocker in pvp mode
    hubsword.bypass.drop - Bypass ability to drop sword
    hubsword.pvp - Players need this permission to toggle pvp on/off
    hubsword.give - Permission that gives sword on join
    0% Add world/Region support
    0% Add option to heal attacker after kill
    0% Change particles from running off skRayFall to skript/skQuery
    ? Add PVP bow (maybe)?
    10% Add disable/enable for items dropping after player death
    0% Add enchantments for armor
    75% Add manually admin toggle pvp for other players (It's added just can't do it for other players)

    Anything else wanted? Tell me in the discussion page, and I will add it to the list :D
    Known errors:
    Please don't post a error/bug report if the error is already here
    - Data doesn't save on autoupdate (Fixing soon)
    - Console error when WildSkript or SkRayFall aren't installed, fixing and removing this soon

    Servers using HubSword:
    - Send me a PM or tell me in the discussion page, and I will add your server here :D
    Video tutorials:

Recent Updates

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  2. Disable Waiting times, and code fix
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Recent Reviews

  1. FayMole
    Version: 1.2.8
    mi da degli errori... encountered 3 error while reloadinh HubSword (non ho modificato nulla, ho messo il file vergine)
  2. merlino360
    Version: 1.2.8
    Hi I'm in love with this plugin and then I made a custom version for my server. since I'm doing a great job and I would love to publish it on spigotmc I have your permission?
    Google translated.
    1. LimeGlass
  3. Diddley4209
    Version: 1.2.8
    Doesn't seem to work. Please help me. It looks very good. Looks like a good plugin however. Hopefully it is working soon!
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      Use version 1.2.7 (It's stable) I will recode this soon. Next time please use the discussion page.
  4. Gianlucax02
    Version: 1.2.6
    The best free Lobby PVP !!
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      Thanks :D
  5. RaPiDCreates
    Version: 1.2.5
    Awesome plugin just waiting on updates! Great plugin
  6. DuckBeat
    Version: 1.2.2
    Works great, and is clearly the best Hub sword plugin ever
  7. S0ul3at3r2
    Version: 1.2.2
    Very good, if you need help with the TODO list, pm me :P
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      Thanks, and will do
  8. DuckBeat
    Version: 1.1.0
    I have been looking for a plugin like this, Thank you for making this! It works well too
    1. LimeGlass
      Author's Response
      Thank you :D