HubArmor 1.0

Cosmetic items for your donators!

  1. PlanetBrunei

    What is HubArmor?
    It is a plugin that allow donator or players with permission to use any kind of armor.This plugin is good for hub server.They can equip Diamond,Leather,Iron,Gold and Chainmail armor!

    - On player join, they will recieve an Item that is set in the config to open the GUI.(You can Disable or Enable this)
    - Configurable message such as OpenMessage, EquipMessage,ClearMessage and NoPermissionsMessage.
    - You can set any kind of items that player will recieve on join, and also set the inventory where you want the item to be.
    - You can clear the armor!

    - - Allow players to use the /armor command.
    - hubarmor.admin - Allow players to reload the config.yml
    - hubarmor.diamond - Allow player to use all the Diamond Armor
    - hubarmor.iron - Allow player to use all the Iron Armor
    - hubarmor.chain - Allow player to use all the Chainmail Armor
    - - Allow player to use all the Gold Armor
    - hubarmor.leather - Allow player to use all the Leather Armor


    Default Config.yml:
    # /*
    # * Copyright © PlanetBn. All Rights Reserved.
    # * Please do not edit this plugins without any permissions!
    # */
    # Color Codes can be found here
    # Edit your Text Such as No-Permissions Etc
    Open-Msg: "&cOpening the GUi......"
    Equip-Msg: "&cHave fun with the armor!"
    Clear-Msg: "&cAll of your armor have been cleared!"
    No-Permissions: "&cNo permissions!"

    # On Player join Items
    GiveOnJoin: true
    Join-Item: NETHER_STAR
    Item-Name: "&cHubArmor by DoomGary"
    Inv-Slot: 1

    This plugins is compitable with Minecraft 1.8.+

Recent Reviews

  1. Revolt
    Version: 2015-10-12
    Good plugin, but I think that translations are missing, we can make some translations... but if not it's a good hub plugin :p