HubBasics 6.9.6

HubBasics gives you some basic features to customize your hub/lobby/spawn area

  1. Fabricio20
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    Source Code:
    Fabricio20, Mister_2, Faller10
    Languages Supported:
    As the name suggests, this plugin is intended for hubs. It gives you the settings and options you as a server owner might desire, and a few more. Having a million different plugins just for one of their features not only makes your server a complete mess of different message formats and duplicate features, it makes your server slower. HubBasics has taken all these features and moshed them together into 1 plugin.

    TL;DR -> HubBasics is a Basic plugin for Hub/Lobby server owners. It gives you some features to customize your server/spawn area.

    • Disable or enable and customize your Join/Leave messages
    • Double jump attribute
    • Fixed Weather
    • [WIP] Extensive MOTD
    • Anti-VoidFall
    • Keep Food (Keeps food at 100%)
    • Keep Health (Keeps health at 100%)
    • Launch Pads
    • [WIP] Override any command!
    • /hub (Bungee, with /lobby as alias)
    • Chat Announcer System
    • Boss Bar Announcer System
    • Custom Holograms using /holograms
    • Warp System
    • JoinItem system
    • Custom inventory-based menu creation via YAML
    • BungeeCord Support (See: Bungee jar file)
    • [WIP] Basic Info Signs
    • [WIP] Stacker mini-game
    • [WIP] NameTagEdit System
    • Fully configurable with per-world options, and with permissions!
    Label: [WIP] = Not available yet.
    COMPATIBLE WITH 1.10, 1.11, 1.12, 1.13, 1.14
    Versions marked with an asterisk (*) may have decreased functionality.

    Current commands
    • Go to hub location/server - /hub (Aliases: /lobby)
    • [WIP] Put on a fancy hat - /hat
    • Create, delete or edit holograms - /holograms
    • Go to warp - /hb-warp tp <name>
    • Create warp - /hb-warp create <name>
    • Delete warp - /hb-warp delete <name>
    • View all warps - /hb-warp list
    • Reload plugin - /hb reload
    • Define lobby - /sethub

    • hubbasics.admin.warp - Everything warp-related.
    • hubbasics.holograms - Everything holograms-related.
    • hubbasics.admin - Everything else. (/hb).
    • hubbasics.lobby - Teleport to lobby (hub)
    • hubbasics.lobby.others - (Teleport others to the lobby).
    • hubbasics.sethub - Setting the lobby.

    Configuration files are fully commented, just check them out!
    Spigot configs are mostly under "Modules" folder.


    How To Install
    • Click the download button on this page and download file
    • Place "HubBasics-Spigot.jar" in your plugins folder
    • Start/restart your server
    • Configure it the way you want in the plugins/HubBasics folder
    • Save the configuration and start/restart your server.
    • Click the download button on this page and download file
    • Place "HubBasics-Bungee.jar" in your BungeeCord plugins folder
    • Place "HubBasics-Spigot.jar" in your Lobby server plugins folder
    • Start/restart your server
    • Configure it the way you want in the plugins/HubBasics folder
    • Save the configuration and start/restart your server.

    To-Do list can be found here! Would you like to add anything to that list? Open a ticket marked as "Enhancement/Idea" on GIT.​

    Label: No Strike = Going To Do | Half Strike = 50% Done | Strike = Done

    Source Code
    GitHub repository can be found here!

    Just videos about the plugin that awesome people made <3

    Metrics FAQ

    In the 2.0 update, I added Metrics to HubBasics.​

    So what is Metrics?
    Metrics is a service provided by BtoBastian that lets the plugin send statistics about usage to Learn more here.

    What does HubBasics send to
    The basics, such as what version of the plugin you are running, the version of your server, how many players are online on your server (Not to be confused with max slots), etc..

    Please note that Metrics will NOT send;
    - Any important data (Such as passwords etc.)
    - Your server's IP address
    - Any usernames, whether it be administrators or regular players

    How do I really know you aren't doing anything sketchy?
    HubBasics is open-source, so you can simply go to the GitHub page and have a look in and see what is going on behind the scenes

    I want to disable metrics, how i can do this?
    You can simply go to /plugins/bstats/ and set opt-out to true

    Why do you want metrics?
    As an plugin developer, I want to know how many servers are running this plugin, and see if my plugin is really being useful.
    I need your help to keep developing free stuff, I would love if you could help me even if with $1.
    Donate Through Patreon


    Q: My config file is resetting! What to do?
    A: Check this before reporting anything

    Q: When the next update is coming?
    A: When I have time to do it.

    Q: Download link isn't working?
    A: Ask on Discord, but it should work.

Recent Reviews

  1. general2811
    Version: 6.9.5
    after initially small problems, the plugin is now running properly, what I was looking for! running MC 1.14.4
  2. FendiTony777
    Version: 6.9.3
    I used this plugin for some time, at the beginning there were some issues with spawns, but then it started working correctly. I left 4/5 only because I don't like how the configs are built but that's my preference
  3. Slcsh
    Version: 6.9
    Cons: Bossbar does not work, doublejump does not work, no clear instructions on bungee setup.

    Pros: Some features work, easy to configure
  4. Driomodo
    Version: 6.8_180909
    Navigator etc. not working with Permissions. Users can't use the Items featured in this Plugin. No Help from the Creator itself.
  5. ImNoDev
    Version: 6.0_180724
    I used this plugin a long long time ago. It's gone so far with how much it's updated. I sadly do not use this anymore and went ahead with a premium plugin. This developer works extremely hard to bring support for the latest versions, fixes bug fixes almost instantly... Takes in all support requests and takes in all suggestions into consideration. This plugin is not only efficient but is also works on it quiet frequently! This plugin has many features that I won't go over but this is my number 1 free hub resource. A must have for bungeecord owners on a budget! Keep on the grind man and keep up the good work!
  6. hammynl
    Version: 6.0_DEV_180527
    Good plugin. Only problem is the warp overrides and there is no easy way to remove it
    1. Fabricio20
      Author's Response
      Hi, not sure about which warp overrides? The warp command is bound only to /hbwarp and nothing else.
  7. xsd
    Version: 5.0_112_1
    This plugin interferes with the essentials warps EVEN WHEN IT IS DISABLED. The compass has no variables, meaning it cannot do mostly all the commands it should be able to do (mvtp, ect.) I really hope it gets fixed/updated.
  8. JamesAdams92150
    Version: 5.0_112_1
    runs halfway and requires restarting the server after each change born the download not these shit
  9. RAMM_Red
    Version: 5.0_112_1
    Hey, this plugin is actually pretty good. Somethings do work while others don't but that's absolutely fine! Every plugin has flaws. I just needed a little help with the double jump. Thanks - RAMM_Red
  10. HeyOppa
    Version: 5.0_112_1
    Tried it a few times, it has multiple bugs.
    A few things work, others don't. It' quite a shame :(