HubChangerV2 2.0

Teleport to other servers in an instant! Need BungeeCord!

  1. DragonMCServersP
    Welcome to the Hub Changer Spigot Page!
    I hope you enjoy what i have posted for you today!
    /HubChanger (server)
    [/HubChanger] alone will generate errors! Just proceed with command and it works!:D
    None at the moment!
    Added in U3
    How to install:
    1. Download the plugin
    2. Find your BungeeCord Folder!
    3. Make sure BungeeCord is online!
    4. Find the server that is connected to BungeeCord and open it!
    5. Go to plugins
    6. Drag and Drop!
    7. Thank you for coming to our page! :)