HubCompassPlus 1.12

Gives the player a compass in the hub.

  1. InfamousJackson
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.12
    A plugin by InfamousJackson


    Allows any type of hub server (multiverse or bungee-cord) to allow players to obtain a compass in only one world. This allows the player to use a plugin such as "chest commands" to make a server selector with a compass. The plugin says "Here you go [Name]" and gives the player a compass named 'Sever Selector'. It uses a permission so people in other worlds cannot use the command. It is currently updated to 1.12.2



    Aliases: /hcompass and /hubcompass



    How to Install:

    1) Download the "HubCompass.jar" file.

    2) Place the file in your servers plugin folder.

    3) Restart your server.

    4) That's it!