HubEssentials 1.5

"A Must Have For All Hubs!"

  1. A_Brave_Panda

    HubEssentials adds essential things to your hub such as "Anti-Place, Anti-Break, Anti-Chat" and more!

    Make sure you delete the old config before implementing the new one!

    break.hubessentials - Allows player to break.
    chat.hubessentials - Allows player to chat.
    punch.hubessentials - Allows players to punch/hurt others.
    drop.hubessentials - Allows players to drop items.
    place.hubessentials - Allows players to place blocks.
    swear.hunessentials - Allows players to swear

    Code (Text):

    Anti-Break Enabled: true

    Anti-Break Message Enabled: true

    Anti-Break Prefix: '&4&lAntiBreak: '

    Anti-Break Message: '&6&lNo Breaking!'


    Anti-Place Enabled: true

    Anti-Place Message Enabled: true

    Anti-Place Prefix: '&4&lAntiPlace: '

    Anti-Place Message: '&6&lNo Placing!'


    Anti-Punch Enabled: true

    Anti-Punch Message Enabled: true

    Anti-Punch Prefix: '&4&lAntiPunch: '

    Anti-Punch Message: '&6&lNo Punching!'


    Anti-Drop Enabled: true

    Anti-Drop Message Enabled: true

    Anti-Drop Prefix: '&4&lAntiDrop: '

    Anti-Drop Message: '&6&lNo Dropping!'


    Anti-Chat Enabled: true

    Anti-Chat Message Enabled: true

    Anti-Chat Prefix: '&4&lAntiChat: '

    Anti-Chat Message: '&6&lNo Chatting!'


    Anti-Swear Enabled: true

    Anti-Swear Message Enabled: true

    Anti-Swear Prefix: '&4&lAntiSwear: '

    Anti-Swear Message: '&6&lNo Swearing!'

        - insert
        - swears
        - here
        - you can just add more!

    Chat Colors!
    &1 - Dark Blue &2 - Dark Green
    &3 - Aqua &4 - Dark Red
    &5 - Dark Purple &6 - Gold
    &7 - Light Grey &8 - Dark Grey
    &9 - Light Purple &0 - Black
    &a - Green &e - Yellow
    &b - Blue &d - Pink
    &f - White &c - Red
    &l - BOLD

    %player% Variable - Shows player's name.

    %block% Variable - Shows the block.
    [AntiPlace, AntiBreak]

    %message% Variable - Shows player's message.

    %mob% Variable - Shows the mob.

    Coming Soon

    Ask in comments what you want!​

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