"title" welcome message,tabmenu and variables

  1. BugFixed + New PlaceHolders

    Version 1.7 - 1.8.4: Click Here
    Version 1.8.5: Click Here

    New UPDATE

    • BugFixed
    • New PlaceHolders

    Click Here For PlaceHolders

    World placeholders

    World 'world' thunder duration

    World 'world' seed

    World 'world' full time

    World 'world' environment

    World 'world' has pvp enabled

    World 'world' difficulty

    World 'world' UUID

    World 'world' allow animals

    World 'world' allow monsters

    World 'world' animal spawn limit

    World 'world' monster spawn limit

    World 'world' water mob spawn limit

    World 'world' ambient spawn limit

    World 'world' spawn X location

    World 'world' spawn Y location

    World 'world' spawn Z location

    World 'world' spawn Yaw location

    World 'world' spawn Pitch location

    World 'world' max height

    World 'world' type

    World 'world' sea level

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