HubHelper [Abandoned] 1.2

A hub plugin, to help people with a hub server

  1. TeddyTheTeddy

    Development for HubHelper has been abandoned since Sept 8 2013. Due to some Minecraft changes, some features may not work.

    What Does It Do?
    HubHelper does many things, but the main thing is it Helps you with a Hub server. It was originally made just as a mess around plugin, but then I decided with a changes that I should try to make it better, and that's why we have HubHelper!
    • Toggle player visibility
    • Allows easy PVP toggle
    • Stops REDSTONE_LAMP_ON (124) from going off
    • Stops Ladders from falling (can stand on own)
    • Stops Sand/ Gravel from falling (when placed on top of a block, then block is removed)
    • Allows people in creative, ONLY, to build
    • Only allows people in creative to drop items from inventory
    • Only allows people in creative to modify inventory
    • Removes join message
    • Teleports player joining to Spawn
    • Quick gamemode toggle
    • Quick kill all mobs
    • Stops leaf decay
    • Stop ice melting
    • Stops weather updates
    • Disables hunger
    • Easy kick all
    • Easy Speed and Jump effects for staff
    • Easy Speed and Jump effects for everyone
    • Staff tools, to hold all the tools for staff
    • Quick time change
    • Easy spawn set
    • Toggle global chat on/off
    • Join commands
    • More to come soon!
    HubHelper is an item based plugin, which means it doesn't use any commands at all!

    HubHelper currently gives people, in their main inventory:
    • Redstone Torch
    • Netherbrick
    • Stick
    • [With a perm] Red dye
    And in the staff tools inventory:
    • Potions
    • Skeleton Skull
    • Golden Boots
    • Clock
    • Spawn Egg
    • Glass Pane
    All items can be used in their normal way!

    • hubhelper.killmobs - Gives access to skull to kill all mobs - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.dropitems - Gives people in CREATIVE permission to drop items - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.gamemode - Gives access to nether star, which quickly changes gamemode - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.alwaysvisible - Makes the person always visible, even to people with players off - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.havestafftools - Gives ability for staff tools inventory - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.hubhelper.pspeed - Gives access to use personal speed in the staff tools inventory - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.hubhelper.gspeed - Gives access to use global speed in the staff tools inventory - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.hubhelper.pjump - Gives access to use personal jump in the staff tools inventory - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.hubhelper.gjump - Gives access to use global jump in the staff tools inventory - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.bootall - Gives the access to use boot all in the staff tools inventory - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.cantboot - The boot all cant boot the people with this permission - DEFAULT op
    • hubhelper.quicktime - Easy and fast time changing - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.setspawn - Allows player to set the spawn - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.togglechat - Allows you to toggle the chat - DEFAULT: op
    • hubhelper.versionnotify - Notifies the player on join the current plugin version - DEFAULT: op
    To do
    • Add more configs
    Known Bugs
    • Redstone does not 100% work
    PluginMetrics/ MCStats
    This plugin uses MCStats to get small bits of information about the use of this plugin. If you do not want to help with geting stats, go to your plugins folder then 'PluginMetrics/config.yml' and change 'opt-out: false' to 'opt-out: true'
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