HubJump! - Allows you to doublejump! 1.0

A very lightweight doublejump plugin, it's really fun for in lobby's!

  1. JasperB
    Hello guys! Do you search for a really lightweight plugin that's allows you to double jump?
    Now here it is! For free! This is the first version so there needs to be somethinks to fix and something to add, but it's really funny or in your hub and stuff

    We need to add and fix the follow:
    + Add a single permission that allows you to double jump
    - Fix the fall damage bug.

    Do you have problems with something? I really like to help you!
    Let me know what your problem is or bug? And I gonna help you!

    Do you really like the lightweight plugin and want maybe a another custom lightweight plugin?
    You can donate to my PayPal and for 2 Euro I make a lightweight plugin for you!
    Let me know!