HubMagic 0.2.6

Powerful hub balancing and move on kick.

  1. theminecoder
    HubMagic is a very powerful hub balancing plugin. Features include the ability to select the hub based on the first available hub, the hub with the fewest players online, a random hub, or a sequentially-chosen hub, a flexible hub command, and the ability to be moved to a hub upon being kicked with certain reasons (ala MoveMeNow, but more flexible).

    HubMagic is the recommended replacement for MoveMeNow.

    HubMagic compared to other plugins (such as RandomHub):
    • Has more balancing options
    • Provides a /hub command which automatically balances players.
    • Carefully tested.
    • Supports single server hubs (use the move-on-kick and hub command functionality only).
    • High performance.
    • Supports multi-proxy setups.
    • Customizable kicks that automatically balances players.
    • Automatically removes downed hubs.
    • Only depends on plain BungeeCord.
    Please read my wiki for more details. You can also join my Discord server or IRC channel: #redisbungee on, or click here for webchat.

    The source is on GitHub. Development builds are available on Jenkins.
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Recent Updates

  1. Reuploaded 0.2.6
  2. HubMagic 0.2.6
  3. HubMagic 0.2.5-SNAPSHOT

Recent Reviews

  1. 3DToxicPlayz
    Version: 0.2.6
  2. jake123
    Version: 0.2.6
    Good plugin, one of the best out there for a Hub plugin, there’s quite a bit of customization with the configuration it’s simple and easy to use.
  3. jonnycp9
    Version: 0.2.6
    Nice plugin, work great but i can't change the messagge and color of the messagge when i do /hub, can you fix this?
  4. rrrrrrrrr
    Version: 0.2.6
    Messages not changed! messages:
    already_connected: "&cYou are already on a hub."
    no_hubs_available: "&cNo hubs are currently available to connect to."
  5. kenmoe
    Version: 0.2.6
    Great plugin, thanks for your hard work and dedication to this plugin. Works like a charm once the config is setup. Highly recommended!!
  6. Sprax2013
    Version: 0.2.6
    Simple and does what it should! I just reported a bug on GitHub would be great if you could fix it :)
  7. Ilario42
    Version: 0.2.6

    Nice nice !!!!
  8. Froogo
    Version: 0.2.5-SNAPSHOT
    It's an amazing plugin, but it doesn't say the permissions anywhere. So it's quite hard to use with PEX which I use. If there are permissions please tell me where to find them.
  9. MatsCraft1
    Version: 0.2.4
    does it have permissions?
    cause : You do not have Permission to perform that command!
  10. niels1189
    Version: 0.2.4
    Consider adding a reload command to the plugin. Other than that, I think that it's a good plugin to use.
    1. theminecoder
      Author's Response
      There is limited reload functionality, if you wish just to add new servers or change how servers are balanced.