HubParkour 2.0.5

Add parkour to your Hub! Features include checkpoints, customisable messages, rewards and much more!

  1. Bug fixes and QoL Changes

    - Added more clarity when starting the parkour setup wizard to specify what points the plugin takes.
    - When clicking the setup stick during a setup stage, you should no longer be able to open chests or break blocks.
    - Attempted fix and fixing the git repository.
  2. Fall Teleportation and bug fix

    - When a player falls and takes damage (either by fall or void damage), they will now be teleported to the last reached checkpoint. (This is toggle-able)
    - Updated the Update Checker API URL as the old API was shut down.
    - Other small misc changes.

    NOTE: You must reset your config.yml or review the changes on GitHub. The plugin may not work correctly if you are missing values which have been added in during this update.
  3. Bug Fixes

    - Fixed an issue where it the API version would not get detected properly if PlaceholderAPI wasn't present.
  4. Bug fixes

    - Fixed an issue where players who flew wouldn't get kicked from the parkour.
    - Fixed an issue where in newer version of MC, you would not get the setup stick due to API changes in newer versions.
  5. Multi-Parkour support, Parkour setup wizard and more!

    - Complete plugin re-write.
    - New Multi-Parkour support.
    - Per-parkour rewards.
    - Changed how rewards are given out to prevent abuse.
    - File storage support dropped.
    - New parkour setup wizard.
    - PlaceholderAPI support.
    - Fixed several issues from earlier versions.
    - The plugin will now work from any version 1.8-1.15 from the same .jar file.

    NOTE: This plugin is NOT compatible with databases and file structures of previous versions. You...
  6. Updated to work with Minecraft 1.13+

    - Updated plugin to work with MC 1.13 and above.
    - The only Wood pressure plate that is compatible is the Oak Pressure Plate.
    - Both the 1.8 and 1.13 version have been put into a ZIP.
  7. Bug fixes, Hologram enhancements and setup improvements

    - Holograms will now generate after the parkour has been completely set up (start, end and restart).
    - Holograms will now still generating even if restarting the server with setup partially complete.
    - Management of moving locations is now handled appropriately.
    - Stopped users from setting checkpoints too high (e.g. trying to set checkpoint 3 when you only have 1 checkpoint)
    - You now receive a message when stepping on a parkour pressure plate if the parkour is...
  8. MySQL/SQLite Support, Customisable Pressure Plates and More!

    Change Log:
    - Pressure plate types are now customisable. You are able to change them in the config.yml.
    - Added full support for MySQL and SQLite.
    - New /parkour leave command to leave the parkour.
    - New config parser to help you identify errors in your config file (syntax errors will be picked up by the server by default).
    - Cleaned up parts of the code handling leaving the parkour.
    - New Tab autocomplete to make typing commands easier.
    - When setting up...
  9. Bug Fix

    Change Log:
    - Fixed a small bug when the user had not completed all of the checkpoints when that setting was enabled.
    - Updated Maven dependancies.
  10. Fixed bug with Placeholders

    Change Log:
    - Fixed a bug where placeholders wouldn't work with reward commands. The plugin is now compatible with 2, {player-name} for the player's name and {player-uuid} for the player's UUID.

    It is not necessary to update your config.yml though it is recommended you check out the comments I have added to the file on GitHub.