HubPvPSword 1.0

Switch to Sword in Hotbar and start PvP with Diamond Armor!

  1. MrMusicBoy12345
    HubPvPSword - Must have for every PvP server lobby!

    A simple plugin without any configs. Switch your hotbar key to the sword and you will get a diamond armor and the plugin will tell you, that you can PvP against other players, which are using the sword, too! Switching to another item in your hotbar, will disable PvP and will remove the armor.

    - Lightweight plugin
    - No other plugins required
    - Will override all other PvP handle plugins
    - Compatible with other hub/lobby Plugins
    - No fall damage
    - No damage against mobs in non PvP mode
    - No Permissions
    - No Commands
    - Support for 1.8.7
    - Updates!

    Planned Features:
    - Adding Permissions (Not done)
    - Multi Language (Not done)
    - Adding Config (Not done)
    - Adding Bow (Not done)
    - Custom Armor/Sword (Not done)

    Known Bugs:
    - Error in Console while Monster attack (Ignore it)

    The plugin based on an idea i found in the internet. Please report bugs and other stuff in the discussion thread.

    Try the plugin at IP:
    Sorry I am German :D

Recent Reviews

  1. AhmedSaints
    Version: 1.0
    its does not respawn with the sword ;P
    Can u fix that please when ever player dies he does not respawn with the sword
  2. Enigmo727
    Version: 1.0
    Perfect plugin... I need them for my SkyWars server... if you wish, i send the IP via MP and you can add the IP for a Test server :D
  3. DuckBeat
    Version: 1.0
    This doesn't work with other plugins
    1. MrMusicBoy12345
      Author's Response
      What plugins? Whats the problem?