HubSelector 1.2.3

A plugin that give you a Hub Selector when you left or right click it runs a command

  1. New features

    • Added meta info, so the selector item can not be crafted
    • Added check so only selector item can run command
    • Added check to make sure Player don't already has one in their inventory
  2. Fixed Priority and cleaned up code

    • Fixed priority so Worldedit don't override compass teleport
    • cleaned up code and removed classes that were no longer needed
  3. Updated to work on 1.14

    • Updated to work on 1.14
    • Fixed bug where if selector was in inventory it didn't gave another one
  4. Back to 1.2

    No change to code
    I updated before I was finished with a bug fix
  5. cleaned up code and added new features

    You must delete old config to get new features
    • Added world so it can be set to work in only one world for stand alone spigot servers
    • fixed the bug in choosing hands
    • fixed the bug in choosing slot
    • added a meta tag for the Hub Selector
    • added version command
    • added if an item was in the slot to move to first empty slot or place on ground if inventory is full
  6. Added option to use left, right or both click options

    Noticed while using a compass as the selector players could left click thru walls so I added a feature for server owners to choose what click they wanted to use, left, right or both click.