HubTeleport 1.1

Manages your Hub Teleportation!

  1. kyleb20

    HubTeleportation is a great Plugin for server owners who are looking for a simple but effective and up-to-date Hub Plugin. I originally developed this Plugin for my own server but I decided to release it here as there isn't many simple but working plugins that manage hub teleportation.
    - Pitch and Yaw are saved
    - Multiworld Support
    - Effortless location save with /sethub
    - Permissions
    - Configurable teleport message
    - Option to have Players respawn at the Hub
    - Option to have Players teleport to the Hub when they join
    - In-Game help command
    - In-Game config reload command

    - /hub - Teleports Player to the Hub
    - /h - Alias of /hub
    - /spawn - Alias of /hub
    - /sethub - Sets the Hub Location
    - /hub reload - Reloads the Config File
    - /hub help - Shows the Help Menu

    - hubteleport.sethub - Gives access to /sethub
    - hubteleport.reload - Gives access to /hub reload
    - - Gives access to /hub help

Recent Updates

  1. Update 1.1 - /hub alias

Recent Reviews

  1. Vaan
    Version: 1.1
    Dont 'work in 1.8.8 sorry :/