HubThat 10.1.184

a hub for one world, a spawn for each world!

  1. Features & Fixes!

    This updates introduces some changes, such as:

    1. (bb5a9) (bcdad) performance & ram optimizations, with improved caching

    2. (431c2) (eb7fe) fix for invisible players after teleportation
    This problem was reported by @GameCrashed.

    Sometimes, after players got teleported to the spawn/hub, they were invisible to other players. This is due to a bug in some older Spigot/CraftBukkit builds, however it can be fixed by preloading the destination chunk and giving the player an empty AIR item.

    The fix can be enabled via config.yml:
    Code (YAML):
    : true

    3. (4fd71) Added the possibility to disable the "You have been teleported to Hub!" message on join, when this setting is enabled:
    Code (YAML):
    : true
    To disable the message, simply set this setting to false:
    Code (YAML):
    : false

    4. (b26c1) (4fd71) switched to Maven
    The project has now been moved to Maven, so that building it does not require any particular configuration nor modification anymore.

    5. (40399) Metrics updated to include new settings
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