Huge Items 2.1

Spawn Huge Floating Items!

  1. DeSynCCC


    With this Plugin you can spawn Huge / Giant Floating Items!

    It is designed for fun and decoration.

    For a few examples take a look at the provided pictures.

    Or watch a video tutorial / review here:


    To spawn an item just google the Item name or the Item ID.
    I am usually using the ones provided here:

    If you want to use Item names, make sure to replace all spaces in the item name with underscores, for example:
    ”Polished Andesite” -> “Polished_Andesite”
    It doesn’t matter if you use upper or lower case.
    So you could also use “poLisHed_AnDeSiTe” or “polished_andesite” instead of writing “Polished_Andesite”
    Double Slabs are excluded (Use normal blocks instead)
    Example: Instead of using “Double Stone Brick Slab (Item ID: 43:5)” use “Stone Bricks (Item ID: 98)”
    The item name “Grass” is changed to “tallgrass”
    And as weird as the command looks when using heads, simply replace all spaces with underscores:

    Or just use Item IDs... (e.g.: Mob_Head_(Wither_Skeleton) = 397:1)
    Again, use this page to look up all IDs:


    hugeitems.* - Gives access to all Huge Items commands
    hugeitems.spawn - Allows you to spawn a huge item
    hugeitems.remove - Allows you to remove a huge item


    [ ] - means optional
    < > - means necessary

    /hispawn <Item> [true]
    - This spawns the item at your location
    - If you write true then the spawned item will glow

    IMPORTANT: You have to write an Item or an Item ID in the commandline.
    The "true" statement is optional.

    - This removes the item at your location
    - For this to work you have to stand underneath an item spawned by /hispawn


    /hispawn 276 true
    - Spawns a glowing diamond sword

    /hispawn bed
    - Spawns a bed

    /hispawn 267
    - Spawns an iron sword

    /hispawn 1:1 true
    - Spawns a glowing diorite

    /hispawn 35:13 true
    - Spawns glowing green wool


    Little Disclaimer:
    This plugin is made by DeSynC++ (alias DeSynCCC).
    You are not allowed to decompile this plugin and / or use the source code in other plugins.
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Recent Reviews

  1. VictorHugo_BR
    Version: 2.1
    no work 1.12.2 .
  2. NightYuki
    Version: 2.1
    The item disappears after a few days no error in the console..:(
  3. Kieran_Kizza23
    Version: 2.1
    It looks good, but alignment is incorrect, and players cannot stand under the item, as it just bounces them off. Fix up the bugs, then I will use it on my server. Until then, I will keep looking...
  4. important__
    Version: 2.1
    Good Job!
    This plugin is amazing!
    Hope you can make huge mobs, like big animal, zombie. Thanks for your plugin
  5. timr2000
    Version: 2.1
    Awesome you need this 5 stars!!, i hope this plugin will update to 1.9 it will be awesome!! thanks for this plugin dude :)
  6. Qruet
    Version: 2.1
    Although it took me a while to realize I needed to set my global flag from mob-spawning false to true I fell in love with this simple yet awesome plugin. Its majestic flow through the air its giantness really gives this plugin the 5 stars it deserves :).

    As well the durability effect is cool. Only two ideas I'd like to have considering as an addition to the plugin. For one make it a bit easier to place the giant items in a certain location (Blow the player rather then like 3 blocks away from the player).
    Also if you could add an option to do something with citizens where you can set npcs to "lookclose" that'd be nice for this plugin. The admin could set an option to where as players walk by the items can turn and face them so that players can always view the items.
    Thank you,
  7. AllenWalker
    Version: 2.1
    This Plugin is Amazing ! !
    Gj Dude ^^
    you can add also HUGE MOBS ! ( zombie , skeletons , spiders... )
    and also HUGE Players ! that's will spawn huge player with skin that you chose so its will be /<command> player <skin name>
  8. minerussia
    Version: 2.1
    Big zombie!? xd Good plugin, good idea. Thx!)))))
    .............................more characters.................
  9. halowhoflungpoo
    Version: 2.1
    Very nice. Great plugin for adding to a servers appeal. Using on Craftbukkit 1.8 sever. Works great zero errors.
  10. abhisantos
    Version: 2.1
    Great plugin! Here's my small contribution as a review and tutorial
    I am using it in my server as a decoration addon.
    1. DeSynCCC
      Author's Response
      Wow nice video. Thank you for reviewing!