HugPlugin 1.0

Easily hug other players

  1. Martin_Ot

    The HugPlugin easily allows you to hug other players ingame. All Messages are configurable in the config and you can also switch off additional featueres there. Every command has its own permission.

    Versions: Bukkit / Spigot 1.8 and above

    • Hugs other players near you
    • Heals other players with your hug, if the player has the required permission
    • Particle and sound effects
    • All messages and settings are configurable in the config
    • Integrated counter to show how many players have hugged


    Which commands are there?
    • /hug - Hug the nearest player
    • /hugcount - See how many players have hugged since the last serverrestart
    • /hug reload - Reload the config

    Which permissions does the plugin have?
    • hugplugin.hug: Allows a player to acess the /hug command
    • hugplugin.heal: If the player, who executed the /hug command has this permission, both players will be healed
    • hugplugin.reload: Give acess to the /hug reload command

    How to install the plugin?
    1. Download the HugPlugin.jar
    2. Put the HugPlugin.jar in your Plugin-Directory. (Server-Directory -> plugins)
    3. Restart your Server (You can use the /reload command, but maybe this can create problems)
    4. In the Plugin-Config (Server-Directory -> plugins -> HugPlugin -> config.yml) you can change the settings and messages of the plugins (This file is created once the plugin starts)
    5. Use /hug reload to apply the changes
    6. Have fun!

    How to configure the config.yml?
    Tips for the config:
    • Use text-editors like Notepad++
    • You can use colorcodes in the config, like &1 or &l
    • Remind to open and close strings with the ' mark (e.g.: huggedPlayer: 'Hello.')
    • If you use words like "don't" replace the ' with '' (Note the double abostroph)
    Code (Text):
    # Settings for Hugplugin - View Pluginpage for more information - You can use colorcodes, for example '&1'
      huggedPlayer: '&dYou were sucessfully hugged by &e%player%&d.' -> Messages for the player who has been hugged (%player% is the player who hugs)
      hugPlayer: '&dYou have sucessfully hugged &e%player%&d.' -> Message for the player who run the hug command (%player% is the hugged players name)
      fail: '&cNo Player was found close to you!' -> Message when no players are near to hug them
      noPermission: '&cYou don''t have permission.' -> Message, if the player hasn't the permission for a command
    hugcount: '&dSince the last restart &e%count% &dplayers have hugged.' -> Message for the /hugcount command
      radius: 2 -> Radius, in that you can hug a player (A bigger Radius may cause Lag)
      sound: true -> Should the plugin play a sound, if you execute the /hug-command
      particle: true -> Should the plugin show particles, if you execute the /hug-command (requires to switch particles in your client's options on)

    Want to see this plugin running?
    Check out my server:!

    I hope you will enjoy the Plugin! If there are bugs or issues please report it to me.
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