HungerGames 4.13.6

Lightweight HungerGames plugin that supports Multiple Arenas, Kits, & Teams.

  1. ShaneBee
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Original Author: bob7l , Updated previously by: Spoopy
    Languages Supported:
    (Customizable in language.yml)


    HungerGames is a simple yet fun, and very lightweight PvP arena system.
    It provides advanced kits, spawns, and a very simple arena setup. If you've never heard of the books/movies HungerGames, it's basically a free for all. You must hunt for food and items, and attempt to kill others before they kill you. The last man standing wins!
    Unlike some HungerGames plugins, this one does not require you to setup a whole server for the game. You can just easily setup multiple arenas anywhere in the world.

    This is a revamp of one on my old favourites that has since been abandoned.
    This plugin was originally developed by bob7l and then later taken on by Spoopy. It's now my turn to bring this plugin into the 1.13+ world.

    - This plugin will ONLY work on 1.13.2+
    - This plugin will NOT work on 1.12.2 or lower and will never be updated to work on those versions. If you would like to try this plugin on those version you can download Spoopy's old version HERE

    - Create multiple arenas for your players to play in
    - Auto-updating lobby signs
    - Custom min/max players and arena timers per arena
    - Very lightweight
    - Does not require its own server or world
    - Vault economy support
    - Simple arena setup
    - Random items will generate in arena chests
    - Bonus chests will generate even more items (separate loot table)
    - Per-Arena Loot Tables allows for even more customization
    - Spectating Feature allowing players to watch the game close up
    - Smart mob spawning engine with customizable mobs also supports MythicMobs
    - Highly configurable
    - Customizable kits
    - Per-Arena Kits
    allows for even MORE customization
    - Customizable messages
    - Player teams
    - Full rollback System
    - Leaderboard placeholders via PlaceholderAPI
    - World border system, pushes players towards the centre of the game when time is running out

    I prefer not to be one of those people posting 5 updates a day, therefor I will try to do maximum 2 updates a week. I will post some "beta" updates on BitBucket, which will include small updates as I fix them. You are more than welcome to check them out HERE. Keep in mind these builds might have more issues as they are BETA builds. As always please report any issues you find on our BitBucket Issue Tracker!

    *see WIKI*

    *see WIKI*

    - Config.yml
    - Items.yml
    - Mobs.yml

    - HungerGames stores wins in a leaderboard file, this data can be accessed via (PlaceholderAPI) placeholders and used in other plugins such as scoreboard or hologram plugins.

    - HungerGames has a pretty open API, check out our JavaDocs

    Awesome video tutorial by @SoulStriker_ which showcases both the setup (including configs) as well as gameplay.

    (please note any links/advertisements in this video are not affiliated with HungerGames, ShaneBee or ShaneBeeStudios, but are only affiliated with the creator of said video.)

    Wanna try the plugin out before downloading it? Check out our test server here: **coming soon**

    Since Spoopy's version I have done some major changes to the plugin. I went thru the discussion tab on his resource and made sure to fix any bugs that were reported, and implement features I felt would fit nicely.
    - New tab completer system, making it easier to use commands
    - /hg stop all command - Stops all active arenas
    - Randomized spawn locations.
    - Added more current mobs to the mob spawn list
    - Moved all hard coded messages to a new language.yml file which can be completely customized
    - Added a sound when player's die in the arena, mimicking the "Fallen Tributes" sound in the movies.
    - Changed chest drops from pistons to ender chests
    - Updated death messages
    - Changed leave messages to show the name of the arena a player left
    - Fixed an issue where admins could not place blocks in the arena after its already been created.
    - Fixed a big issue with the signs always saying "STOPPED" - Added a new game status "READY"
    - Added an option to run commands/send messages when a player wins the game (Can be used to give vote keys, Items, whatever you want really)

    - Fixed some other small errors I came across when testing.

    - If you have questions you can ask in the discussion tab. Myself or any other users will be glad to help.
    - If you would like to report a bug or request a new feature please use the BitBucket Issue Tracker (This way I can keep track of all bugs/features as well as anyone else can see the progress on these)
    - We also have a DISCORD where you can join to ask questions or get help if you are stuck. (When you join, you will see "Hunger-Games" on the left under "PROJECTS-SUPPORT")

    I appreciate all reviews, but I do ask that you keep them to the point of how this plugin operates. DO NOT use reviews to report bugs or ask for new features to be added. These will be ignored. Please use the correct channels to ask for new features or report bugs.


    Feel free to donate if you would like :) Any support helps out
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Recent Reviews

  1. Mucrazy
    Version: 4.13.6
    Placeholder is not work q-q
    I can't find a place to download this placeholder
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the 5 stars. Unfortunately this is the REVIEW section, not the SUPPORT section. If you scroll up a tiny bit, you will see in big bold letters SUPPORT, here you will see all the places you can get support for this section, you will also notice that the REVIEWS section is not one of them.
  2. CustomWorldYT
    Version: 4.13.5
    This plugin is exactly what I was searching for. It has all the features I need - nothing less, nothing more. Works like a charm and my players enjoy it. Thank you for making this plugin 1.13+ compatible!
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the great review.
      Glad to hear you are enjoying it!
  3. Fr0gg1
    Version: 4.13.1
    I held a HungerGames Turnament with a little over 50 players two months ago using this plugin, far better than doing it manually. However some clever players figured out how to respawn, although with no items they were killed imediately, it still complicated the turnament. I was using the Version: 4.10.13 - Aug 25, 2019, I couldnt see any patchnotes mentioning the bug, I wasnt able to recreate it myself, however if I understood correctly it had to do with relogging from the turnament using /hg leave, and or leaving the server, I will be running another turnament with this plugin in two weeks, I will try and test it again this weekend to see if I can find the source of the problem, my guess is it might have registered them as spectators when they got back into the game, but allowed them to interract as they had left the game.

    Spectators are also a bit wack when you stream it to a large screen, as the ingame specators are visble to each other and Admins in SpectatorGamemode, though they still werent visble to the alive players, it would be cool if they'd be put in GM3 or likewise so people can still spectate without interfering with the stream.

    Otherwise this is the greatest Hungergames plugin ive had the pleasure of using, its very nice how easy it is to customize.
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Hi, thank you for the review.
      As stated right above the reviews section:

      I appreciate all reviews, but I do ask that you keep them to the point of how this plugin operates. DO NOT use reviews to report bugs or ask for new features to be added. These will be ignored. Please use the correct channels to ask for new features or report bugs.
  4. GamePvP
    Version: 4.13.1

    First very cool plugin. I had a question and I would like to introduce this plugin on my channel. I would be glad if this video would then come to your plugin page under tutorial. For your German Community.

    Pair of information

    Youtube = GamePvP
    Discord = @ GamePvP # 1234

    Write me on discord times.

    With best regards,
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Hi, thanks for the review.
      Yes you may do that, as long as you have a link to this page :)
  5. SpecterSix
    Version: 4.12.0
    Can i build a lobby for the next round with a timer and a minimum of players to start a round? Or do i spawn directly in the game and then i have a timer inclusive the feature with the minimum of players?
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the "review"??
  6. DAVIDSUN211
    Version: 4.12.0
    Very good plugin !!
    &b%hungergames_lb_wins_p_1% &7: &a%hungergames_lb_wins_s_1%
    Not working with the plugin
    Holographic Displays
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the great review!
  7. bbro1222
    Version: 4.12.0
    Great plugin overall and I love the design much better than any of the premium resources I found of this, 1 suggestion I have is adding commands for positions such as /hg pos1 for arenas that have walls lower than the topmost part
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much for the kind review. If you would like to leave a suggestion, please feel free to pop it on our issue tracker.
  8. CaySpryt
    Version: 4.12.0
    Hello. Please make the world shrink to a random place from previously set points. And if possible, support for the Quality armored plugin, namely loading firearms into chests.
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the "review"
  9. ImEvo2
    Version: 4.12.0-Beta2
    Very simple to set up and works really well.

    Hopefully, there will be chat announcements for players waiting to play soon! :D
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the great review. Glad to know you're finding it to be simple to set up, that's the goal!
  10. anoncraftbr
    Version: 4.12.0-Beta2
    Nice to see you working outside skript as well!
    Great plugin, i'll make some arenas in my server.
    1. ShaneBee
      Author's Response
      Thank you very much :)