HungerGames 4.13.10

Lightweight HungerGames plugin that supports Multiple Arenas, Kits, & Teams.

  1. Big Update [4.10.0]

    This update is quite large, I recommend keeping backups of your HungerGames data regularly. Please report any bugs you have found on the IssueTracker. All notes in this release will be detailing everything added in the past 3 beta versions of 4.10.0

    - ArenaCommands (run different commands when a player joins, leaves, game starts, game ends - See WIKI)
    - Arena based kits (works the same way kits do in the config.yml, but for each arena - see arena setup WIKI)
    - Arena based loot tables (items and bonus items) (works the same way items do in the items.yml, but for each arena - see arena setup WIKI)
    - Player kills (if a player has at least 1 kill and the remaining player leaves, they will win)
    - Added data option for items (supports NBT strings - see Config WIKI and Items WIKI)
    - Added a spectate feature (see config WIKI)
    - Added an option to add colours to potions via RGB color codes
    ex: POTION:HEAL:60:0 2 name:&bHealing_with_color color:1213666

    - Fixed some issues with falling/attached blocks not being logged/restored (ie: sand, torches, buttons)
    - Fixed potions not accepting item amounts
    - Fixed a bug with player dying from a means other than being killed by a player throwing an NPE
    - Fixed an issue where a player spam clicking a sign adds them to the game multiple times, resulting in tons of errors

    - A LOT of internal stuff has changed. It won't affect the end user, but because things could have gone wrong, I always suggest to keep backups.
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