HungerGames 4.13.16

Lightweight HungerGames plugin that supports Multiple Arenas, Kits, & Teams.

  1. The Big Update [4.12.0]

    This update has no changes since the last beta, Im just officially releasing it as a stable build since I have not received any bug reports, and this release will include all things fixed/changed/added since 4.11.x

    - Added an optional cost to join an arena (See arena setup wiki for more info)
    - Added some mcMMO event options to prevent players from using abilities and gaining levels in game (only supports the new mcMMO not the classic version)
    - Revamped the entire mob spawning engine. Now with the option for customizable mobs (including armor, tools/weapons, names, potion effects) as well as the option to use mobs from MythicMobs (See custom mobs wiki)
    - Added an option to stop spectators from chatting to players in the game (This needs further testing, please let me know if it works or not - kinda hard to test by myself)
    - Added placeholders for getting game status, min/max/current player count, and arena cost (See the placeholder Wiki)
    - Added a command to allow admins to force-refill games in a chest /hg chestrefillnow <arena-name>
    - Added a GameEndEvent (Useful for grabbing winners when a game ends)
    - Added some checks for player's using buckets in game.
    - Added a new team TP command, allowing team members to TP to each other.
    - /hg team tp <player>
    - Added a new command to allow admins to force refill chests at any time during the game
    - /hg chestRefillNow <arena>

    - Fixed an issue where players were charged to enter an arena even if the game was full
    - Fixed a vault issue throwing an NPE if "giveReward" was set to false in config.
    - Fixed an issue with stopping the game whilst during the countdown stage, player's are stuck as frozen
    - Fixed the broadcast message not sending to all players on server when someone joins a game.
    - Fixed an issue with players shooting arrows, but kill message says skeleton
    - Fixed an issue with players shooting arrows not counting as kills
    - Fixed an issue where block placing/breaking outside of games threw errors
    - Fixed an issue with the spectate command not working

    - Allow staff to place/break blocks while the game is running but they aren't part of the game (Useful for staff wanting to do things whilst the game is running - these blocks will be removed during the restore stage when a game ends)
    - Changed the team invite command to prevent players from inviting themselves to their own team
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