HungerGames 4.13.1

Lightweight HungerGames plugin that supports Multiple Arenas, Kits, & Teams.

  1. Some New Stuff [4.13.0]

    - Added a message when using the kits command, and they're disabled, stating they're disabled for the game.
    - Added a spectator GUI (spectators can click player heads to TP to them)
    [This has not been tested much as I didn't have players to test with. Please report any errors found]
    - Added most sign lines to the language.yml allowing you to customize your signs
    - Added the status messages to the language.yml allowing you to customize status message
    - Added the ability to add multiple potion effects to one potion (separate by a semi-colon - See Items WIKI)

    - Now when kits are removed, the kits message will not appear upon joining the game
    - A lot of internal changes on how command classes handle fields/static getters.
    - Changed error messages when item stacks are broken in config

    - Fixed an issue where deleting all kits would cause some console errors
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