HungerGames 4.13.7

Lightweight HungerGames plugin that supports Multiple Arenas, Kits, & Teams.

  1. The Performance Update [4.14.0-Beta1]

    WARNING!!! Please read all notes before downloading/installing this release!

    - Fixed some small issues with spectators leaving the arena and losing their inventory if using a PerWorldInventory style plugin

    - This is a big one. When players join the game now, rather than TP'ing to the arena, they will be put in queue. Once the min amount of players have joined the queue, all players will be TP'd to the arena and countdown will begin.
    - To help fix performance issues, the chunks at the arena will preload and stay loaded as long as your server is running. This is the help alleviate the pressure on the server when TP'ing to the arena. (This is a beta test)

    - There have been a ton of internal changes done in this version. Due to that, I HIGHLY HIGHLY ADVISE YOU TO BACKUP YOUR SERVER (at least anything important ie: world/player data)
    - The aim for this release is to fix performance. Please report any issues you may have, on the issue tracker!
    - I do not advise running this update on a production server if you are not confident in running beta software. Please take caution when using beta releases!!!
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