HungerGames 4.13.7

Lightweight HungerGames plugin that supports Multiple Arenas, Kits, & Teams.

  1. Small Fixes [4.13.7]

    - Fixed an issue with game throwing errors when opening a chest if the arena's random items list is empty

    - Added a permission for admins to bypass the command canceller when in game hg.command.bypass
    - Added PlaceholderAPI as a soft depend to the plugin to prevent some error/warning.

    - Allow players to spawn entities with spawn eggs in game
    - Removed some...
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  2. The Performance Update [4.14.0-Beta1]

    WARNING!!! Please read all notes before downloading/installing this release!

    - Fixed some small issues with spectators leaving the arena and losing their inventory if using a PerWorldInventory style plugin

    - This is a big one. When players join the game now, rather than TP'ing to the arena, they will be put in queue. Once the min amount of players have joined the queue,...
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  3. Small Change [4.13.6]

    - Change potion effects to now accept MC namespaces for potion types.
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  4. Small Fixes [4.13.5]

    - Fixed an issue when exiting games, if world of exit location didn't exist players were stuck in game.

    - Allow /hg reload command from console
  5. Small Fix [4.13.4]

    - Fixed a small issue with console spamming during loading bonus items (Issue #72)
  6. Some Fixes [4.13.3]

    - Fixed an issue where players could shoot item frames, removing their item
    - Fixed an issue where item frames and armor stands were removed from arenas
    - Fixed an issue with mcMMO classic crashing the plugin.
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  7. The 1.15 Update [4.13.2]

    This update is very small.
    I just updated the NBT API that is built in for compatibility with 1.15.

    Nothing else has changed.

    I haven't done much testing so please update with caution and report any issues on the ISSUE TRACKER if you come across anything.
  8. Some Fixes and Changes [4.13.1]

    - Changed how error messages are sent to console for invalid items
    - Changed how potions effects are added to items
    This allows potion effects to be added to potions as well as tipped arrows [This will not break current potion items]
    Old way:

    New way:
    POTION potion:HEAL:200:1

    See Items WIKI...
  9. Some New Stuff [4.13.0]

    - Added a message when using the kits command, and they're disabled, stating they're disabled for the game.
    - Added a spectator GUI (spectators can click player heads to TP to them)
    [This has not been tested much as I didn't have players to test with. Please report any errors found]
    - Added most sign lines to the language.yml allowing you to customize your signs
    - Added the status messages to the language.yml allowing you to customize status message
  10. The Big Update [4.12.0]

    This update has no changes since the last beta, Im just officially releasing it as a stable build since I have not received any bug reports, and this release will include all things fixed/changed/added since 4.11.x

    - Added an optional cost to join an arena (See arena setup wiki for more info)
    - Added some...
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