HungerGames 4.13.1

Lightweight HungerGames plugin that supports Multiple Arenas, Kits, & Teams.

  1. Some more Options [4.4.0]

    - Officially added leaderboard placeholders (These can be used in scoreboard/hologram plugins, etc - See WIKI)
    - Added configurable option for teleport-at-end time (increments of 30 seconds)

    - Fixed an issue with the config not updating
    - Fixed an issue with console throwing errors on stop/restart if player's were in a game...
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  2. Leaderboard Update BETA [4.4.0-BETA1]

    **THIS IS A BETA** (See notes)

    - Added a built-in leaderboard system that can be accessed via PlaceholderAPI placeholders.
    - Basically the plugin saves all wins from arenas. This info can only be accessed via placeholders, not the plugin itself.
    - Placeholders can be found on the WIKI

  3. Small Fixes [4.3.1]

    - Fixed issue where reload command was not reloading items.yml
    - Fixed issue with doubling up items when they shouldnt be doubled
    - Removed a non existent method (I guess it was removed) - Now we are testing with forceloading a chunk, hope this works
  4. Small Changes [4.3.0]

    • Fixed an issue with tracking stick showing player's whom aren't in the game
    • Prepared to work on 1.14 (Hasn't been fully tested, use with caution, make sure to backup, report any errors you find) [Due to Spigot 1.14 still being in Dev state, this plugin may possibly change and may also have issues on 1.14. Not recommend to use on a 1.14 production server]
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  5. Small Changes [4.2.0]

    • Added "owner" of PLAYER_HEAD (See WIKI)
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  6. Small Fixes [4.1.1]

    • Vault issue, throwing a null if no economy is present
    • Fixed some issues with NPE with Spigot. (Was using Paper in my IDE… OOPS!)
    • Fixed some players not properly respawning and being stuck in a half dead state
  7. Some Changes and Fixes [4.1.0]

    • Force start to bypass countdown when game is in countdown state (using the /hg forcestart command when the game is not running, will activate countdown, if countdown is running the game will instantly start)
    • Lore for tracking stick in default items.yml config… “left click to track” (This will only show up in new configs. You can manually add it, or delete your items.yml config and let it regenerate)
  8. Bunch o' Fixes [4.0.1]

    • Added a death message for being shot by a trident (You will need to manually add death-trident: <player> Was impaled by a Trident! to language.yml or delete language.yml and let it reload)
    • Players taking fall damage when teleporting into the arena
    • Players were "winning" the game if other players leave without dying
    • On some servers when a...