Hunted Mode | 1.16.4 | Consent to PvP! 1.0

a light-weight pvp system that disables PvP unless players opt in to it!

  1. Perotin
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.16
    Source Code:

    What is Hunted Mode?

    HuntedMode is a simple, light-weight plugin that aims to strike a balance between players who want to pvp, and those who don't.

    "Hunted Mode" is a mode that players opt into by typing the command /hunted. Once a player is opted into Hunted Mode, they will be able to fight ONLY other players also in Hunted Mode.

    For those who do not opt into Hunted Mode, PvP will be disabled globally for them and they will be shielded from those who are in Hunted Mode.

    HuntedMode was built with 1.16.4, but it should support lower versions as well.

    All messages are also configurable.


    /hunted - Opts in and out of Hunted mode
    /hunted list - Displays all online Hunted players
    /hunted <name> - Tells if a player is in Hunted mode or not.


    huntedmode.use - Primary function for /hunted

    Code (Text):
    add-player: "&c[Hunted] &aYou have now joined the Hunted mode! You can now attack and be attacked by other Hunted players."
    remove-player: "&c[Hunted] You are no longer a Hunted player."

    online-hunted: "&aOnline Hunted players: "
    none-online: "&cZero hunted players are on."
    player-is-hunted: "&aThat player is in Hunted mode!"
    player-not-hunted: "&CThat player is not in Hunted mode!"
    invalid-args: "&cInvalid args! /hunted <optional: list, name>"
    cannot-attack-nonhunted: "&cYou may only attack other Hunted players!"
    cannot-attack: "&cTo pvp, you must enter be in Hunted Mode! (/hunted)"
    cannot-leave-hunted: "&cYou must get out of combat before leaving Hunted mode!"
    no-permission: "&c No permission."

    Want to see it in action? Join my server with it on! -