HushNow 1.2.0

The quick and easy way to hush your players.

  1. Wundero
    This is a simple plugin that, when you type a command, makes everyone quiet so you can tell them important information. You can also mute a player and mute everyone except a player!

    Just drop it in your plugins folder, restart your server, and you are good to go!

    /hush <[-e] player|all> [time] - Silences either a player, all players [-e] except a player, or all players. [time] is optional, and will silence players for the time, in seconds.

    • hushnow.* - Admin permission, defaults to OP and contains all other permissions.
    • hushnow.hush - Allows you to execute the /hush command, including [time]
    • hushnow.exempt - Allows you to talk when people are hushed.

    You can specify what commands to allow/disallow in the configuration.

    For example:

    Code (Text):

    - 'list'
    - 'help'
    use-allowed-as-blacklist: false
    Source Code
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Recent Updates

  1. v1.2.0 - Configuration Update