HvZ 1.0

A Humans vs Zombies man-hunt game!

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    • 1.16
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    Humans vs Zombies!

    HvZ is a giant game of tag previously only run in the real world and now available in minecraft! How the game works: at the start of the game, you're assigned to either the human team or the zombie team. If you are a human, your goal is to survive as long as possible. If you're a zombie, your goal is to kill all the humans! This plugin features a number of customizations to allow for a unique gameplay.

    Zombie respawn points: instead of spawning where they die, zombies respawn at predefined points
    Event locations: allows for the spawning of chests of loot (known as supply drops). More events will be added soon!
    Tracking sticks: allow for zombies and humans to track each other!
    Custom health regen: control how quickly players regen health
    Localized chat: set a radius for how closely players can "hear" each other!

    Setting up a game:
    First, define the game boundaries. These are set using /hvz set corner1 and /hvz set corner2. This forms a region that the game will force players to remain within during the game
    Then, add any item generation blocks you want. These are blocks you have defined in the ItemGenConfig.yml file that will spawn items at the start of the game. Predefined blocks include magenta and light blue concrete powder.
    Next, set the number of zombies you want to start with using /hvz set ozs. (OZs are original zombies to start the game). Zombies are identified by their zombie heads.
    Lastly, use /hvz info settings to confirm all your settings!
    Now have players join the game using /hvz join. They will be automatically assigned to team "player". If you want to force a player to be zombie or human, simply use the built in teams function of /team join <player> <team to join>. These players will be accounted for when assigning OZs at the start of the game.

    What about the other 3 teams? There are 3 other teams that will be created by this plugin. First, the stunned_zombie team. This is the team players are assigned to when they are killed. For a set time they will have blindness, invisibility, and glowing inflicted on them. This makes it blatantly obvious they are stunned. Next, the spectator team. Anyone on team "spectator" when the game starts attains spectator mode when the game starts! Such fun. Lastly, the mod team. These are players that will be acting as moderators during the game and are the people who "run" each game. This is not a required team, but is recommended for larger games. Mods have the power to run a variety of commands to help or hinder teams during the game.

    Mod commands:
    /hvz mod beacons <time> summons a beacon at every player in game for a set time. Blue for humans and green for zombies.
    /hvz mod tracking-stick <player> gives a player a tracking stick. OZs spawn with tracking sticks.
    /hvz mod freeze immediately stops all player movement in game

    Other commands mods may want to use:
    /hvz events run supply-drop will spawn a chest of items randomly at a location chosen from the event location list
    /hvz events location add <name> will add a location of the given name to the event list for your current location
    /hvz events location remove <name> removes a location
    /hvz events location list will list all locations for events that are registered
    /hvz events run random/escort/point-capture are all WIP

    Things to note: mobs will not spawn in the game region during the game unless spawned by an egg. Mobs will also refuse to target zombies.

    More information to follow!