Hybrid Essentials 10.1

Hybrid Essentials is a fun plugin that can be used with any other plugins out there.

  1. Fixed Console Errors

    In this update I have fixed the console errors so now if the user is sending commands via the console with my plugin they will receive a message saying: "Hybrid is sorry but you cannot perform this command!"
  2. New death message and more!

    In this update I have added in a bukkit broadcast message which tells the players online which world they died in.

    It will show up in chat as Name (HybridThomas) expired in (world name).

    I have also fixed the permission for /kickme to be true rather than op.

    On top of that I have edited the command help menu to make it look a bit more friendlier.

    I hope you enjoy this update.

    Kind regards
  3. 1.8.1 update. New commands and fixes

    • /opme - Troll Op command that has unknown effects on the sender.
    • /feedme - Feed you, also send's you a very nice chat message
    • /kickme - Kick the sender when they type a command, also It broadcast's a message
    • /healme - Heals you to full health.
    • /killme - Kills the sender.
    • /hybridhelp - List of commands || /hh - Shortened version
    • ...
  4. Re-coded and Smoothed out

    Removed pointless commands
    Added some new ones
    Fixed joining messages
    Fixed fireworks and effects on join