HybridClearChat 4.1

Clear Your Dirty Chat With This Light Weight Plugin!

  1. Hybrid_Creeper
    Hybrid Clear Chat is a plugin that allows you to clear your dirty chat when it is required.


    /clearchat - clears the public chat
    /cc - Shorter version of clearchat
    /clearchatself - Clears your own chat
    /ccs - Shorter version of clearchatself
    /hybridclearchathelp - Shows the help menu
    /hcch - Shorter version of hybridclearchathelp
    /hybridclearchat - About the plugin
    /hcc - Shorter version of hybridclearchat


    description: Permission to show the plugin's help screen
    default: op

    description: Permission to show info
    default: true


    This plugin sends statistics about the usage to the server http://mcstats.org/. You can disable it by changing "opt-out" to "true" in the config.