HybridMonster 4

A super fun plugin that can help others on your server

  1. Hybrid_Creeper
    === Features ===

    Hybrid Monster is a role playing plugin, it allows operators or other players(if they have the perms) to play with the commands and act out role playing. This plugin is currently under development so there will me more features soon!

    === Commands ===

    • /cookiemonster [name] - Gives a cookie to other players.
    • /eat [name] - Eat's a player.
    • /eat - eat's your self.
    • /diamondmonster [name] - Gives a diamond to other players.
    • /fart - Makes you fart, it detects players in a 15 block radius and gives them nasty effects
    • /hmhelp - Shows all the commands || /hmh - Shortened version
    • /habout - Shows Plugin information || /ha - Shortened version

    === Video Of The Plugin ===

    === Permissions ===

    • HybridMonster.cookie:
    • description: Permission to use /cookiemonster and /diamondmonster
    • default: op
    • HybridMonster.eat:
    • description: Permission to use /eat
    • default: op
    • HybridMonster.explosive:
    • description: Permission to use /fart
    • default: op
    • hybridmonster.about:
    • description: Permission to access about command
    • default: true
    • hybridmonster.help:
    • description: Permission to access the help command
    • default: true

    === McStats.org ===

    This plugin sends statistics about the usage to the server http://mcstats.org/. You can disable it by changing "opt-out" to "true" in the config.

Recent Updates

  1. Removed features that don't work in 1.8

Recent Reviews

  1. VenixNetwork
    Version: 3.3
    Very... Original plugin to say the least great features always good to troll with at spawn!