Hypello 1.9.0

A remake of hypixel's /hello (/hi) command!

  1. dishy
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This is a simple remake of hypixel's /hello command, This was a experimental plugin i wanted to let everyone give it a try, I name it Hypello incase if i had it as Hello-Hypixel or Hypixel-Hello it would get removed. So i decided to name it Hypello!

    - /hello

    Permission Node:
    - hello.use

    Can this be executable by console?

    - Nope only player's can use this command.

    How big is this jar file?

    - 3kb ( Literally not even half of a mb... its such a small file bro... )

    Like the plugin? want to support me? Great! Just drop a rating below and all your issues please forward it to me on discord and do not put it in the reviews section!


    What does it look like in-game?

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