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Bow that shoot EnderPearls

  1. Xavikrac1
    VortexJump is a plugin that give entertainment to the users that are waiting for the start of a game, this is like a parkour but more funny :)

    Video demostration:

    If someone have error of something tell me on private please do not use the review!


    * You can set your custom rings
    * Different type of sounds
    * All messages customizables
    * Good configuration with all that you need
    * Commands for set the spawnpoint
    * Compatibility with 1.7-1.8
    * Option for execute a command if you complete the rings
    * And more freatures...


    This will be generated automatically :D

    # The commands to execute when the player finished.
    # Placeholders: {player} for the player name
    # You dont need to manually tp the player to the win loc.

    - ''

    # The message to send to the player.
    enabled: true
    text: '&a&lYou have finished the Vortex Jump!'
    Message: '&aVortex Jump &b%s/4'
    Rings: 4


    This commands only are for OPS.
    * /vortex - Show the commands.
    * /vortex setwin - Set spawnpoint for spawn when you win the vortex.
    * /vortex setlose - Set spawnpoint for spawn when you lose.




    1 - You are not allowed to redistribute this plugin
    2 - You may not modify the code
    3 - Only use it for your server/network!
    4 - No refunds!
    5 - Im not obligated to do updates at a specific time, BUT that doesn't mean i wont do updates, just to clear some things up
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Recent Reviews

  1. xSunkus
    Version: 2015-08-01
    Ya no esta a la venta ?
  2. Javiersito
    Version: 2015-08-01
    Yeah¡ Good plugin :) i recommend you add particles or somthing to this fantastic plugin.
    1. Xavikrac1
      Author's Response
      Thankks :) I will add more things in a few days.