Hyperchat | Powerful Chat Management | [Skript] [1.7-1.16] 1.16-3

Hyperchat is the best & most popular chat Skript with a massive amount of features.

  1. Hyperbyte
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    Hyperchat by Hyperbyte & midoublelo


    • Custom Chat Formatting
    • Prefixes and Suffixes
    • Private Messaging
    • Command Prevention
    • AdBlock and AntiSwear
    • Multiple Broadcast Types
    • Staff Chat
    • Chat Logs + UUID Support
    • Chat Reporting & Warnings
    • Chat Punishment Records
    • Chat Clearing, Enabling & Disabling
    • No dependencies

    Hyperchat has many features, some which aren't even available in other Skripts on Spigot! I have split all of the commands into categories, ingame and here.
    /hyperchat (aliases: /hyperc, /hchat, hc) - Main command, requires hyperchat.admin
    /broadcast (/broadc, /bcast, /bc) - Broadcast a message - hyperchat.admin
    /announcement (/announce, /an) - Announce something - hyperchat.admin
    /msgevery (/msgall, /msga, /ma) - MSG all players - hyperchat.admin
    /staffchat (/staffc) - Send a message to staff - hyperchat.admin
    /warning (/warn, /wa) - Warn a player - hyperchat.admin
    /chatreport (/creport, /chatr) - Report a player for breaking chat rules - No permission to report, hyperchat.admin to be notified
    /disablechat - Disable chat - hyperchat.admin, hyperchat.chatbypass to speak when chat is disabled
    /enablechat - Enable chat - hyperchat.admin
    /clearchat (/cc) - Clear all player's chat - hyperchat.admin
    /clearchat personal - Clear your chat - No permission
    /clearchat silent - Clear chat without your name - hyperchat.admin
    /prefix - Manage per-user prefixes - hyperchat.admin
    /suffix - Manage per-user suffixes -hyperchat.admin

    hyperchat.cmdbypass - Use prohibited commands
    hyperchat.swearbypass - Bypass antiswear
    hyperchat.chatbypass - Talk when chat is disabled
    Symbol permissions are: hyperchat.symbols.<symbol name>
    {checkmark} symbol would be hyperchat.symbols.checkmark



    1. Install Skript from here: https://github.com/bensku/Skript/releases
    2. Restart your server
    3. Drag 'hyperchat.sk' to this file path: Skript/scripts/
    4. Run /sk reload hyperchat
    5. Get started with Hyperchat!

    Thanks for downloading or at least looking over the Hyperchat page! Hyperchat will be updated with any features that are wanted by the community or features that I deem necessary! So please, if there is a feature you want MAKE SURE YOU PUT IT IN THE DISCUSSION SECTION and not in your review.

    - Hyperbyte & midoublelo

Recent Reviews

  1. CubedFox
    Version: 1.16-2
    Nice Skript you got there. Maybe one tip for the staff chat, make it so you can send a message to staff using "#<message>" in chat, it's much easier!
    1. Hyperbyte
      Author's Response
      Added in new update
  2. swendel
    Version: 1.1x
    met this dude on a server and wanted to rate his skript, nice skript very epic !
  3. SaMaGamers
    Version: 1.2
    A very nice Skript. Simple to code, but it all works. A tip: for Anti-Swear, work with:

    swear1: F*ck
    swear2: N**b

    And then you can get the anti-swear words by "{@swear1}".

    Good Luck!
    1. Hyperbyte
      Author's Response
      EDIT: I've tried this system and it works! It will be available in 1.3!
  4. CloudeLecaw
    Version: 1.01
    good script - bad discriptions (u think its a plugin until u see the downloaded sk file) Normaly scripts should be markt in the NAME with things like "SimplePrefix - Skript" that all know its not a plugin its a skript -(many servers dont wanne use the skriptplugins - so downloading it was a waste - like for me)
    1. Hyperbyte
      Author's Response
      Sorry about that. Labeling it now.
    Version: 1.0
    Works as intended but could you maybe add a message saying "You have set your chat prefix to %arguments%" ? Or something along those lines :)
    1. Hyperbyte
      Author's Response
      Thanks! Adding in next update!